1st and Goal at the One Yard Line

It seems so easy. The ball is at the one yard line, so the defense is basically standing in the end zone. All you have to do is snap the ball and get it over the goal line. But one mistake can earn you a penalty. Lack of focus can lead to a turnover. The competition may come up with something you never expected.

If it were easy to punch it in from the one, then everyone would do it.

Say you have a new client ready to go. The deal is basically done. But some clients decide to analyze the offer at the end of the process instead of the beginning, and suddenly they’re asking 20 questions out of nowhere. If you’re not prepared, before you know it, it’s second and one on the one. Or you discover a form wasn’t filed, a phone call was never made, because one person on your team wasn’t paying attention, and now the whole project starts to unravel.

You’ve heard it ain’t over till it’s over? Well, it’s true. Lose focus, even at what seems like the last minute, and the ball is on the turf.

Assume nothing. Closing a deal takes hard work, hustle and talent. You need to keep a “whatever it takes” mindset right up until the ink is dry on the contract. Everyone on your team has to give it their all, because if even one person makes a mistake, that could be enough to lead to a penalty, a turnover or a loss of momentum.

The pressure at the goal line mounts every time. Either get it done early or take a deep breath and gather yourself before each play. Second down, third down… assume nothing, realize it’s supposed to be hard, work as a team and… FINISH!

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Image of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs at Goal Line was taken by SteelCityHobbies under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license