SE30 | Derek Bylsma | Awareness Around Mental Health

Derek Bylsma | Awareness Around Mental Health | SE Podcast

One of the best things going on today is the awareness around mental health. Today we speak with Derek Bylsma, Executive Director of Millennium Counseling Center in Chicago, Illinois. In this episode, we discuss how important it is that mental health has come to the forefront of people’s lives. 

Derek specializes in recovery-related work, mental health disorders, and issues unique to athletic performance. He is enthusiastic about leading the sports division at his group as it marries two of his life-long passions; helping others and athletics. 

With Derek’s athletic background and knowledge around mental health in sports, we are excited to have Derek back on our podcast to share his thoughts with you.  

As always, we are excited to feature Derek on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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