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Counted Out? Not So Fast: 3 Reasons OKC Won Game 2

Game One of the Western Conference Playoffs between the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) and San Antonio Spurs ended quickly. The Spurs won–by a lot.

The buzz from the sports talk shows over the next couple of days was that the series is over, that playing through the rest of the series is a joke, that Oklahoma City is done. Then Game Two was played and…

OKC won.

Wait, what??

I thought OKC was done. Didn’t they get counted out already?

Not so fast.

Here are three things Oklahoma City did right that earned them a win after everybody else counted them out—and how you can do the same thing in business

1. Believe in what you are doing

Sometimes great teams don’t perform to their potential. The Thunder got to a big spot in the process and crumbled. It happens. But an occasional mistake doesn’t have to define a team, not one that’s good enough to get to the playoffs. So you made a mistake. If you didn’t have what it takes, you wouldn’t have been in a position to make a mistake to begin with. Now, believe in what got you there and get back to work.

2. Pick your head up!

This is a cliché, but if OKC had sulked for too long, San Antonio would have been up 2-0 in the series. And the Thunder would have been on their way out, just like everyone said. So pick your head up and find the positives. Be happy you have another chance tomorrow, and get back at it.

3. Be better

The effort OKC gave in Game One wasn’t there. They recognized that and showed up for Game Two. Let’s say you feel you are in over your head—you can always improve. Try a little harder, do whatever it takes, and maybe you’ll be good enough after all. Maybe you’ll be great. Have some pride and do what OKC did.

Game Three is next. OKC may lose, but boy did they respond in Game Two. Next time you have a bad Monday, come back on Tuesday like the Thunder did. Find a way to win.