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4 Factors for Success in Clutch Moments

Playoff football!

The drama, the passion, the excitement…

It’s 4th & One. You have to gain the yard to stay in the game. You simply have no choice. As you watch playoff football games, you will see teams go for it on 4th & One because in that moment that one yard is the difference between success and failure.

There are four determining factors for whether or not the team will gain the yard–or whether you will find success in the crucial moment of your business.


1) Will

Is it in you? It’s not talent, it’s not the work you put in, it’s not even luck; it’s will. Do you have that internal power to choose your actions?


2) Desire

Do you want it? It’s that simple. Often times people say they want it, but their actions don’t prove it. Is this a hope and dream of yours? Will this success lead you to something even greater? You have to want the outcome to go your way. Need is one thing and that helps, but do you want it? And if so, how bad?


3) Fear

Does the idea of failure freak you out? Are you willing to do whatever you have to do so you don’t fail? Do you make sure you don’t have to answer to your self, your boss, your family, your associates on why you didn’t succeed?


4) Upside

Do you see the celebration at the end of the goal? Do you picture what winning looks like? Do you see yourself after winning looking back on what made it possible?

But remember, there’s competition. They are trying to win too. So even if you have these factors going for you, someone else might have it too. So you may fail. Are you okay with that? And if you do fail, how do you respond?


photo credit: via photopin (license)