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4 Things You Can Learn from Kevin Durant’s Career Move

In a decision that rocked the NBA, Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. I am not here to debate whether this was a good move or not and if you agree with his decision, but there are a few things you can learn from Kevin Durant.

1) Do What’s Best for You

Durant had many people telling him what he should do, but in the end, the decision was his. Only he can make the final call about what he wants for his career. You too probably have people telling you what to do—even if not as many as what an NBA player has to deal with. Maybe some of those people are trusted friends whose opinions you care about, but most of it is just noise. Ignore the noise. The decision is yours.

2) Find the Best Culture

Kevin Durant felt Golden State offered the best culture. They have a system he likes, they have players he gets along with, and they have won before. That culture intrigued him. Workplace culture is important, because it’s where you’re going to spend most of your waking hours for however many years. Your idea of a good culture may be different from someone else’s, so find the culture that works for you.

3) Put Yourself in a Position to Succeed

We all want some level of success. Going to a team that you don’t think can win is a bad start. Now, many would argue that for Durant to choose the best team in the league is a cop-out. Perhaps they are right. But Durant feels the Golden State Warriors puts him in the best position to succeed. How can you argue with that?

4) Get to Work

Now the decision is made. People will feel free to tell you whether you did the right or the wrong thing—most likely some will agree and some won’t. Whatever. Your responsibility now is to get to work. Put in the time, build relationships at your new company, and prove to yourself that you made the right move.

Kevin Durant is doing what is best for him and his career. And you should do the same.


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3 Key Points:

1) Cut through all the noise and make the career decision that is right for YOU!

2) Every workplace will have a different culture, so find the right culture for YOU!

3) Where will YOU have the best chance of success?



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