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5 Ways Young Players can put in the Work

How often do you hear stories about young players in sports frustrated by how little they get to play? When high school players move up to college, or college players turn pro, all of a sudden they’re not stars anymore. As “the new kid on the block,” they don’t receive the same playing time, they are treated differently, and they sometimes don’t feel like they belong. It’s a frustrating process to go through, especially for those lacking experience.

It’s the same in business. Maybe you’ve just switched companies or were promoted to a new roll. You are full of ideas and talent, flush with success, and you want to show everyone.

And no one knows who you are yet.

So how do you win the respect and trust you need to really get in the game and show them what you’ve got? It’s simple—you need to put in the work and do your time. Here are five ways:


1) Show Up

Obviously, if you don’t show up you can’t play. But we don’t just mean come into work—show up with purpose. Exceed your goals. Attend whatever events and seminars you can, so you can learn and participate. Don’t waste time.


2) Ask Questions

Chances are there are people in your group that know more than you do. If not, then maybe you are in the wrong group? Seek those people out. They’ll be happy to help you learn, if you show real interest. Don’t ask questions you could just Google, though. Do your research first and then ask questions.


3) Study

There are 24 hours in a day. The player that shows up for a 2 hour practice and goes home to play video games is not going to see the field.


4) Be Resourceful

Find an area where you can be a resource for others. Use your experience. Use what you have learned by asking questions and studying. Helping others will help yourself.


5) Prove It

You have to prove yourself or people won’t know what you can do. We know that getting in the game is the whole problem, but opportunity will come—even if it’s small, at first. If you give it your all and do a good job, people will notice. If the coach puts you in and you are a freshman shooting guard… when the Senior PG passes you the ball for an open jump shot—MAKE IT!

I would love to tell that you if you follow these 5 steps you will succeed, but that’s not the way the world works. You get no guarantees. But you will get a chance. Keep going and keep showing up, asking questions, studying, being resourceful, and every chance you get—PROVE IT!