Eric Kasimov, Founder of SportsEpreneur, is a creator of content that collides thinking — marketing — business — sports. He creates for the deep-rooted and not so average.

As a self-starter and self-funded business owner, Eric is all about finding opportunity. His brands including SportsEpreneur exist to help leaders create their own opportunities. His content including podcasts, blogs, and social media posts contain a lot of self-talk–which is a big reason why content exists in the first place. And through that, he encourages those with a self-betterment mindset to create their own content in their own unique way.

Eric is the Founder & CEO of KazSource, a dynamic and modern day communiucations company. The KazSource brands include, KazCM, a content marketing agency, Entrepreneur Perspectives, a podcast for thinkers and entrepreneurs, KazSource Insurance, a life insurance brokerage group, and of course SportsEpreneur — the place where sports and entrepreneurship collide!

Growing up in Buffalo, NY and in a family of Ohio State Buckeyes, sports have been in Eric’s life since he can remember. Whether it was taking in a game, or playing basketball and soccer, or looking for his golf ball in someone’s back yard, Eric had to build a business in and around the sports industry. SportsEpreneur is just that.

Eric lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife (songwriter and currently studying for her Masters in Applied Nutrition), 3 kids, and 2 dogs, where he plays sports with his kids and wins every driveway basketball game against his son (actually, not anymore!).

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Shane Snively, MBA, MA, CFO, Partner, Finance, Content & Brand Strategist | Whiteboard, chalkboard, Surface Pro, a piece of paper—that’s where you will find Shane, strategizing. He enjoys it, whether he’s strategizing for his business or for yours. Thus he is known The Strategy Addict. He has seen it all and if he hasn’t seen it he will learn about it. Maybe we should call him The Learning Addict? Anyway, that’s Shane. Oh, and he loves his Buckeyes, and he’s still loyal to his dad’s favorite team too, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Shane Snively

John Priore, Content Marketer, has a passion for sports and business. John graduated from Western Carolina University in the spring of 2018 and loves to pass along what he learns with you. Sports have been a big part of his life since he was a child, in Long Island, New York, and he still suffers from an enthusiasm for the Mets, Jets, and Knicks. In his free time, you can find John working out and playing pickup games. Through SportsEpreneur, he helps bring a sports fan’s perspective to the business world.

John Priore

Scott Upton, Tech Guru of, believes that anything can be done if you put your mind to it. Scott may not be the sports fanatic like the rest of us are, but he shares our passion in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders. In his free time, he keeps busy on his farm, hiking, fishing or of course, firing up the smoker for a mean barbecue.

Scott Upton

Mike Wilson, Marketing Associate/Connector, has an extreme fascination for genuine sports stories and conversations. He grew up playing and watching sports in Charlotte and closely follows the Panthers and Hornets, which has definitely contributed to spikes in blood pressure at times. Mike loves learning and gaining knowledge from others, whether it be through personal conversations, podcasts, books, or videos and applies those lessons to help reinforce the steadfast culture at SportsEpreneur. When he’s not in the office he’s most likely at the game, concert, or spending time with his wife, Ashley, and their dog, Kasay.

Mike Wilson

Rudy Redmond, Connector, is a track star in the hurdles, of course he’s methodical. Try to sprint as fast as you can with hurdles in your way and you will fall flat, probably literally. Take your time, approach each obstacle with care and attention, and you’ll win the race. That’s who Rudy is. A Michigan man, a Lions fan, and a Pistons enthusiast….Heck, he’ll enjoy any game, any sport, any time.

Rudy Redmond

Caroline Ailanthus, the Word Smith, when she’s not writing her own blogs and novels, she’s helping us say what we want, only better. She’s happy to help you get your words in order, too. She even has a couple of super powers! For example, she can improve the flow and readability of text on virtually any subject, even if she has no idea what that subject’s about. That’s how she’s been a valued member of our team for years now, even though she still wants to know what a quarterback is a quarter of.

Caroline Ailanthus

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