About SportsEpreneur

SportsEpreneur (SE) is a digital sports media brand
and production company for entrepreneurs engaged in sports.

We create content around sports, entrepreneurship, and mental health topics,
serving as a platform for engagement, connection, and inspiration.

Sports is a universal language that creates endless opportunities for discussion and learning.
At SE, we take advantage of this to explore a wide range of topics related to the sports world.

Through our content and collaborations, we provide a voice to many,
showcasing our fascination for sports and entrepreneurship.

Eric Kasimov
Founder / CEO

Eric is the Founder of SportsEpreneur (a KazSource brand). His rallying cries: "sports bring people together" and "content brings people together" are at the root of why SE exists. He thinks every entrepreneur that is willing should have their own content platform -- and he wants to help make that happen through the content production team at KazCM. Sports, entrepreneurship, mental health, psychology, philosophy, podcasting, reading, and good old self-talk are what Eric and the team talk about on this platform. Some podcast episodes that hit on Eric's rallying cry of "content brings people together": content creation journey and talent stacking.

Shane Snively
Finance | Content and Brand Strategist

Whiteboard, chalkboard, Surface Pro, a piece of paper—that’s where you will find Shane, strategizing. He enjoys it, whether he’s strategizing for his business or for yours. Thus he is known The Strategy Addict. He has seen it all and if he hasn’t seen it he will learn about it. Maybe we should call him The Learning Addict? Anyway, that’s Shane. Oh, and he loves his Buckeyes, and he’s still loyal to his dad’s favorite team too, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Scott Upton
Tech Guru

Believes that anything can be done if you put your mind to it. Scott may not be the sports fanatic like the rest of us are, but he shares our passion in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders. In his free time, he keeps busy on his farm, hiking, fishing or of course, firing up the smoker for a mean barbecue.

Julian Virag
Podcast Editor

Audio engineering as a term may not sound so clear to some people, but the main goal of audio engineering is precisely that – clear sound. Julian approaches each project as if it was his own. The result, clear sound. And when he is not mastering sound, he is off exploring through many different means of transportation.

Chris Moore
Podcast Producer
Chris Moore is a seasoned podcast producer passionate about making your stories the soundtrack to someone’s day. With four years of experience in the podcast industry, Chris was pivotal in launching the Inflection Network under iHeartMedia, founded by NBC’s Michael Smith (formerly with ESPN). His passion for storytelling shines through as he successfully launched and produced three original podcasts while overseeing the production of multiple shows on the podcast network.
Caroline Ailanthus
The Word Smith

When she’s not writing her own blogs and novels, she’s helping us say what we want, only better. She’s happy to help you get your words in order, too. She even has a couple of super powers! For example, she can improve the flow and readability of text on virtually any subject, even if she has no idea what that subject’s about. That’s how she’s been a valued member of our team for years now, even though she still wants to know what a quarterback is a quarter of.

Lisa Bonta Sumii
SE Contributor | Podcast Host

Host of the podcast, Athlete Mindset.

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW is a mental health therapist with over 21 years of clinical experience, licensed in both CA and NV. She is a private practice clinician and the CEO and Founder of AthMindset, LLC. Lisa supports the elite athlete to achieve optimal mental health and peak mental sport performance. She works with adolescent sports teams, collegiate student-athletes, Olympians, and professional athletes and teams. Lisa is the first-ever Mental Health & Sport Performance Specialist for the Oakland Roots Sports Club.

Sydney Supple
SE Contributor | Podcast Host

Host of the podcast, From The Players.

Jesse Marsh
SE Contributor | Podcast Host & Blogger

Host of the podcast and blog platform, Sports&.

Joe Cali
SE Contributor | Podcast Host

Co-host of the show, The Buffalonian Podcast.

Dominic Loss
SE Contributor | Podcast Host
Co-host of the show, The Buffalonian Podcast.

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