The AFC East Hype Cycle | Why Overlooking the Buffalo Bills is a Mistake

The AFC East Hype Cycle | Why Overlooking the Buffalo Bills is a Mistake

In the ever-churning world of sports media, there’s a season for everything. Right now, it’s crazy prediction season. The spotlight is shining brightly on the AFC East, with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins basking in the glow of the media frenzy. They’re the trendy picks, the teams to watch. But lurking in the shadows, almost forgotten, are the reigning three-time AFC East champions: the Buffalo Bills.

The Trendy Picks: Jets and Dolphins

It’s easy to see why the Jets and Dolphins are getting attention. The Bills, despite their recent success, didn’t finish strong last year. Emotional challenges, an injury to star quarterback Josh Allen, and defensive injuries played their part. Meanwhile, the Jets have made some splashy moves, including acquiring big names like Aaron Rodgers. The Dolphins, with their potent offense, look like they can score at will

But let’s pump the brakes for a moment. The Jets are essentially a brand-new team. While that’s not to say they can’t gel quickly, it’s far from a guarantee. Unproven players and coaches abound. Just ask the New York Mets: a roster full of new faces doesn’t always translate to success. And while the Dolphins had some success last year, we’re going to have to see it over the course of a full season.

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4 Reasons the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East for the 4th time in 4 years:

Josh Allen’s Health: Allen is back to full health, and it’s baffling how he’s become underrated in the conversation. When he’s on the field, he’s a game-changer, and his presence alone should make analysts think twice before writing off the Bills.

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Gabe Davis’ Potential: Davis had a standout performance in the AFC divisional playoff game vs the Kansas City Chiefs, and expectations were sky-high. Last year, injuries held him back, but a healthy Davis is a game-changer. Paired with Stefon Diggs, this duo will wreak havoc on opposing defenses.

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McDermott’s Defensive Strategy: With head coach Sean McDermott calling the shots on defense, expect a more aggressive approach. McDermott is known for his attacking style, and the Bills’ defense won’t be playing it safe this year.

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The Underdog Mentality: It’s been a while since the Bills have been considered underdogs. But with the media’s focus elsewhere, they have a chance to embrace that role again. And as history has shown, an underestimated proven team can be a dangerous one.

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Conclusion to Why Overlooking the Buffalo Bills is a Mistake

While the media may be enamored with the Jets’ new roster and the Dolphins’ offensive prowess, it’s a clickbait offense to overlook the Buffalo Bills. They’ve dominated the AFC East for three consecutive years for a reason. They have the talent, the strategy, the lessons, and now, the added motivation of proving the doubters wrong. As the season unfolds, don’t be surprised when the Bills remind everyone just why they’re the reigning AFC East champs.

Super Bowl champs? We’re getting there…


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