AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi | Inside the Business of the NFL | SportsEpreneur
AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi | Inside the Business of the NFL | SportsEpreneur

SE70 | AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi | Inside the Business of the NFL

AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi speak — and we listen. In this is unique SportsEpreneur podcast episode we get to hear Vaynerchuck, Lombardi, and host Michael Elkins go deep inside the business of the NFL. 

AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder of the athlete representation firm VaynerSports. He is also the former COO of VaynerMedia, led by his brother Gary Vaynerchuk.

Michael Lombardi is an NFL Insider for The Athletic. Since the mid-1980s. Lombardi has been an executive in the front offices of the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Philadephia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders. 

Michael Elkins is the founder of MLE Law Firm and a podcast host. 

This episode is in conjunction with the Wharton School of Business Alumni Association.

In this episode, AJ Vaynerchuk and Mike Lombardi discuss common business issues such as building culture, identifying needs versus wants, and contract negotiation. 

Thank you to Michael Elkins for hosting such an insightful conversation. We hope you enjoy this business of the NFL podcast episode with AJ Vaynerchuk, Michael Lombardi, and Michael Elkins. Be sure to review and subscribe to this podcast so more people like you can check it out. Thank you! 

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Inside the Business of the NFL with AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi, and Michael Elkins

Introductions of the Panelists: AJ Vaynerchuk and Michael Lombardi

NFL Free Agency and Inside the Salary Cap

The Art of Player Evaluations

The Team Side of Building an NFL Team with Michael Lombardi

The Agency Side of the NFL with AJ Vaynerchuk of VaynerSports

How to Use Data to Your Favor

Culture Building in the NFL

Ths Business of College Football vs NFL Football

Salary Cap Issues in the NFL

Why Teams Hire Young Coaches

The Importance of Owning and Learning from Mistakes




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