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Bailey Dowling | Alabama Softball Slugger

A conversation with Bailey Dowling, the powerhouse senior infielder slugger for the University of Alabama. In this episode of From The Players, Bailey shares insights from Alabama Softball’s electrifying start to the 2024 season and her experiences at the 2023 Women’s College World Series. Discover what it takes to play under Coach Murphy, Bailey’s approach to embracing fearlessness, her life beyond the diamond, and the perks of being an Easton athlete.

In this episode, we cover all the bases:
  • Bailey’s Journey: From St. Joseph, Illinois, to becoming a two-time Illinois Gatorade Player of the Year and holding the Illinois career home run record.
  • 2024 Season Insights: Hear Bailey’s firsthand account of Alabama Softball’s strong start to the season and the team dynamics that make it possible.
  • World Series Reflections: Bailey shares her valuable experiences playing in the 2023 Women’s College World Series, highlighting the intensity and excitement of the tournament.
  • Playing for Coach Murphy: What it’s like to be coached by one of the best in college softball and how his guidance has shaped Bailey’s approach to the game.
  • Fearlessness on the Field: Learn how Bailey has cultivated a mindset of fearlessness and how it has impacted her performance and team leadership.
  • Life Beyond Softball: Bailey opens up about her interests outside of softball, giving listeners a glimpse into her personal life and passions.
  • Being an Easton Athlete: The advantages and experiences that come with being endorsed by one of the leading brands in sports equipment.
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