Alan Major | ClutchTimeOut on SportsEpreneur

Alan Major, Contributor at, is a veteran leader both on and off the court and has played a key role in successful college basketball programs for over two decades. He is the host of the ClutchTimeOut Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur.

His philosophy is based on empowerment, professionalism, and motivation.

He has helped shape scores of young men and colleagues alike toward personal and collective victories.

Whether as a coach, a speaker, or a leader, one thing remains unchanged:

Alan’s relentless drive and clarity of vision.

The Clutch Timeout Podcast Series hosted by Coach Alan Major is a podcast where Coach Major talks to elite basketball leaders about stories from the hardwood, leadership lessons, and life.

We had the pleasure of building a relationship with Coach Alan Major through the SportsEpreneur platform. It started on social media. It led to many messages, conversations, a podcast recording, more communication, and now this.

Coach Alan Major, Find your goal and achieve it, ClutchTimeOut