Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health | SportsE Media
Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health | SportsE Media

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health

Allison Schmitt, a professional swimmer and 10-time Olympic medalist shares her journey in swimming, her experiences at the Olympics, and her passion for sports and mental health.

In this episode:

  • Allison shares the profound impact her cousin’s tragic suicide had on her — it’s what fueled Allison’s passion for mental health.
  • Allison talks about feeling different, fame, and experiencing isolation and depression after success at the Olympics.
  • What made a difference for Allison: seeking therapy after a breakdown during a swimming meet.
  • Alison emphasizes the importance of continuing the conversation about mental health.
  • Allison credits her support system for understanding her heightened emotions and talks about her relationship with Michael Phelps, who has become like a brother to her — Allison Schmitt and Michael Phelps share a passion for mental health advocacy.

More about Allison Schmitt:

  • Allison Schmitt is a four-time Olympian and a ten-time Olympic medalist.
  • She won five medals, including three gold, at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • She won a gold medal in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay and a silver medal in the 4×100 m freestyle relay at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  • In total, she has won twenty-five medals in major international competitions.
  • She was a four-time National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) national champion.
  • She was named SwimSwam’s Swammy Award-winner for Female Swimmer of the Year in 2012.

Wrapping up:

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Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW | CEO & Founder of AthMindset® 

Lisa brings a high level of expertise to the athlete mental health space, from both a clinical and performance focus. She works with elite youth athletes, collegiate student-athletes, Olympians/Olympic hopefuls, professional athletes, coaches, teams, and the entire sport ecosystem.  

Lisa is the first-ever Mental Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots Sports Club, a men’s professional soccer team, in the USL, working alongside other coaches on the Technical Team, as well as the Sports Medicine staff.  

Lisa is listed in the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Mental Health Registry, the NFL Player Association’s Clinician Directory, and the Major League Rugby Mental Health and Wellness Directory. 

As a direct response to need, Lisa founded AthMindset® – a diverse team of athlete-centered, licensed mental health clinicians and mental performance consultants, serving across several states.   

Lisa is a professional podcast host and podcast guest. She hosts the Athlete Mindset Podcast and co-hosts Roots Radio. She is a keynote speaker, an accomplished TEDx Speaker, speaks nationally and internationally, and is often invited to speak at conferences and contribute to expert panels. 

Lisa has been quoted in Time Magazine, Teen Vogue, Women’s Health Magazine, as well as being interviewed on the BBC World News and Radio Bliss, in Jordan. Her first book, The AthMindset® Workbook: Training your mind for optimal mental health in sport and in life is now available. 

Lisa received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara as an undergraduate. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.