Luca Deza
Luca Deza

Thankfulness = Success with Pro Soccer Player, Luca Deza

The Athlete Mindset podcast presents a conversation with a professional female soccer player, Luca Deza. In this episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW and Luca Deza discuss gratefulness/thankfulness, Luca’s journey to pro female soccer career, her company/agency – Divine Time, and things you can do to improve your health (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Conversation list:

  • An offer to play in LaLiga for Sevilla FC
  • Luca Dez received a two-day notice and was invited for tryouts – she bought a one-way ticket…
  • Going through the pandemic as a college athlete made her feel uncertain. It was chaotic. But it also made her feel grateful to be able to play
  • Injury in Sevilla FC – torn MCL
  • Recovery was even harder because her family and friends were far away
  • When you’re at your low point, you start to appreciate the little things more
  • Pro footballers have a lot of spare time
  • Her company Divine Time Agency helps female athletes financially, mentally, and societally
  • Being a female soccer player is the complete opposite of being a male soccer player – mainly financially
  • The goal of the Divine Time Agency is to create a community of women that think the same way, believe in the same mission, and all help each other move forward
  • Advice for soon-to-be professional athletes: ask yourself why are you doing it. If you’re doing it for any reason other than loving the game – it’s not going to be worth it.
  • Things you can do to take care of your health:
    • physically – icing, stretching, eating healthy
    • mentally – journaling, listening to music, connecting with other people
    • spiritually – being thankful and grateful

Short Bio from Luca Deza:

TEAM: Granadilla Tenerife
POSITION: Defender
BIRTHDATE: 10/19/1998 (24)
NATIONALITY: United States

Luca is a 24-year-old professional footballer playing for Granadilla Tenerife (until recently Sevilla FC). Before moving to Spain she played for her university (UC Berkeley) in California.

She started playing football as soon as she could walk, at the age of two, and with a ball at her feet, she has watched the transformation and growth of herself as a football player but above that as a human being. It has been a dream of hers to play for La Liga in Spain from a very young age and it is an honor for her to have reached a point in her career where she can say she has done that, however, she strives to achieve much more.

Along with her passion for football, she also has a big interest in business (sports business specifically). She created her own sports marketing club at UC Berkeley that is still up and running today and recruiting over 150 student-athletes to join it in order to prepare them for a life outside of sports.

She is a first-generation US citizen as her parents are immigrants from Spain and Japan. She has three nationalities and is bilingual. Along with her passion for sports and business, she loves music and plays two instruments: guitar and piano.

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