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Simplifying Sports Science And Overcoming Adversity With Dr. Erik Korem, Founder Of AIM7

The Sports Backdrop Podcast | Sports Science, Bullying, Sleep with Dr. Erik Korem

This is a special episode from the flagship show on SportsEpreneur: “The Sports Backdrop”

Sports got us together in the first place, but in this podcast, sports are the backdrop for way bigger conversations!

This is a conversation on the simplification of sports science, a story on bullying, and sleep.

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In this episode, sports scientist Dr. Erik Korem joins The Sports Backdrop. With his extensive background in collegiate football, the NFL, and as the founder of AIM7, Dr. Korem offers practical, scientifically grounded tips for everyday wellness improvement.

Topics discussed in The Sports Backdrop Podcast | Sports Science, Bullying, Sleep with Dr. Erik Korem:

  • College football at Texas A&M and adapting to a coaching change.
  • Overcoming challenges in his college career with the “chopping wood” mentality.
  • Personal encounter with bullying and its life-long impact.
  • The power of enforcing your will to achieve goals.
  • Making sense of the vast world of biohacking.
  • Easy, everyday steps to improve physical fitness.
  • The pros and cons of wearable tech.
  • Importance of taking breaks for overall wellbeing.
  • Why he creates, appears on, and shares podcast content.
  • Simple tips for better sleep.

Wrapping up:

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