Understanding Mental Health | Culture in Action Podcast
Understanding Mental Health | Culture in Action Podcast

Understanding Mental Health | Culture in Action Podcast

Join us on the Athlete Mindset podcast as Lisa Bonta Sumii appears as a guest on Culture in Action presented by WISL – Women’s Independent Soccer League. In this episode Culture in Action host, Alexa Doebler, learns more from Lisa about mental health & wellness in the sports ecosystem, how leaders in the sports industry can support positive mental health practices for their athletes, and how we can shift the view on understanding mental health. Lisa provides a clear distinction between mental health and mental illness. Lisa also defines mental health as how we think, feel, and behave.

Conversation list from “Understanding Mental Health | Culture in Action Podcast”:

AthMindset | difference between mental health and mental illness | mental wellness

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Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW | Athlete Mindset podcast host:

Lisa is a psychotherapist and mental performance consultant to high-performing athletes at the youth, collegiate, Olympic-hopeful, and professional levels. She is the first-ever Mental Health & Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots SC, a men’s professional soccer team, in the USL. Lisa is the Founder & CEO of AthMindset, a diverse team of licensed mental health clinicians and mental performance consultants, who serve alongside her.

Alexa Doebler | Culture in Action Host:

Alexa Doebler is a host of the Culture in Action podcast and a Director of Culture & Education at WISL. Alexa is working to create more opportunities in Women’s Professional Soccer and is creating an environment that uplifts and empowers.

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