Women's Coaching Alliance with WCA Founder, Pam Baker
Women's Coaching Alliance with WCA Founder, Pam Baker

Women’s Coaching Alliance with WCA Founder, Pam Baker

The Women’s Coaching Alliance mission is to grow the number of women coaching youth sports. The Founder of the Women’s Coaching Alliance, Pam Baker, chats with Lisa Bonta Sumii in this Athlete Mindset episode.

The Women’s Coaching Alliance beginnings:

Doug Friedman, who was a Burlingame resident and long-time coach for his daughters, passed away in August 2020. Doug benefited from both playing and coaching sports, and as an advocate of the women around him, encouraged women to join him to coach and lead. In his memory, his wife Pam Baker and her daughters created the vision to build on his legacy and grow the number of awesome women coaches and leaders who positively impact kids for life.

Pam Baker is the founder of the Women’s Coaching Alliance (WCA). The WCA’s mission is to grow the number of women coaching youth sports by connecting female athletes with coaching opportunities, development, mentorship, and preparing them to be great leaders within and outside of sports. As mentioned above, the Women’s Coaching Alliance was created in honor of Pam’s late husband, a dedicated dad, and coach committed to giving every kid the opportunity to learn invaluable life lessons through sport and get a great coach whose positive influence impacts them for life.

Pam brings deep leadership and startup experience across multiple functional areas. Her career started at Johnson & Johnson and Genentech leading cross-functional launch, sales, marketing, reimbursement, and consulting teams, and creating the needed infrastructure for organizational success. She led commercial teams at Omada Health and healthcare consulting teams at Charles River Associates. Pam was the founder of Journeous, dedicated to empowering young adults to make career decisions that fit. 

Pam holds an MBA from Thunderbird and a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from Northwestern University. She’s a mom of twin teenage daughters and a sought-after mentor, leader, and speaker.

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