Athletes to Entrepreneurs | The Sports Backdrop
Athletes to Entrepreneurs | The Sports Backdrop

Athletes to Entrepreneurs

This is a unique guest-hosted episode of the Sports Backdrop. And it’s all about life after sports… Athletes to Entrepreneurs.

Recently I have had the opportunity to connect with and spend time with Rob Finkelstein, all thanks to Tim Claiborne and his Lockerroom sports group. Rob is the CEO & Founder of Alumni Direct. And he is the host of the podcast Athletes to Entrepreneurs. We’re bringing an episode of his show to the SportsEpreneur platform because it’s all about sports, entrepreneurship, and mental health. And with that, here’s a special episode of athletes to entrepreneurs.

About the Athletes to Entrepreneurs podcast:

Athletes to Entrepreneurs is a podcast where Rob speaks with former college and professional athletes from all over the world as they share the joys, successes, failures, and lessons of their entrepreneurial journey. Hosted by Rob Finkelstein of Alumni Direct, the number-one network for alumni worldwide. Listen to the AtoE podcast.

About this episode:

A conversation with Tim Wright, Superbowl champion, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and co-founder of Dome Audio.

Tim Wright: “Sports was very important to my foundation. That’s where you learn how to win. That’s where you learn how to lose. And later on in life, I learned that you either win or you learn. So taking the lessons of what you were able to learn in that loss is what you’re then able to apply to that game next week or the practice the next day, and really get better. And that’s the same thing throughout life and the same thing in entrepreneurship.”

Tim’s advice to current athletes: “When I got on the field, I made it count. And that’s the most important thing. The time you get, make it count.”

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