Ashley Besecker | Biochemistry Wizard for Athletes Like Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird | SportsEpreneur
Ashley Besecker | Biochemistry Wizard for Athletes Like Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird | SportsEpreneur

AthMindset | Ashley Besecker | Biochemistry Wizard for Athletes Like Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird

A personal biochemistry wizard for the world’s best athletes. That’s Ashley Besecker. An innovator in the nutrition space. She even coined her specialty, Functional Performance Nutrition. What does all that mean? Well, this podcast episode featuring a conversation between Lisa Bonta Sumii and Ashley Besecker gets into just that. And two of her clients will explain what Ashley does from their perspectives: Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird.

As Megan Rapinoe says, “She’s Amazing! Ok so she does this really amazing thing called nutrigenetics which is basically looking at the individual architecture of a person and then designing the whole plan based on that so nutrition plan and training plan. Umm, it’s pretty incredible. We loved it.” – Megan Rapinoe, NWSL, USWNT

As Sue Bird says, “We (Megan and I) did DNA, gave a little saliva, and then we gave our bloodwork to Ashley and then from there she was able to like, dissect us or something! The micronutrient analysis was the most important for me.” – Sue Bird, WNBA, USAB

So yeah, when it comes to biochemistry for athletes, Ashley Besecker is the one to talk to. So we did just!

In this AthMindset episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW, shares space with Ashley Besecker, and they talk all things functional nutrition performance, the impact of food on and off the field/court, and why everyone needs to understand what food is best for them.

Ashley has a B.S. in Nutritional Science from Pepperdine University, a Dietetic Internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and a Genetics and Genomics Certificate from Stanford University.

As Ashley Besecker says, “we live in an oversaturated world of information. Especially within the field of nutritional science. It is so overwhelming that most athletes ask the simple question – how should I eat?”

Well, Ashley happens to be obsessed with answering that question. 

Based on her specialties and research, she analyzes athletes – from their DNA and blood, to their goals and biometrics, in order to design personalized food and hydration plans, supplement prescriptions if needed, sleep protocols, travel protocols, and injury protocols. 

For the time being, Ashley is one of the only people in the world that has this job. She had to build her own path, and actually create her own specialty, which she coined “Functional Performance Nutrition.”

This relates so much to mental health as you’ll hear in this podcast episode. And that’s why Lisa Bonta Sumii, Founder of AthMindset, was so eager to have this enlightening conversation.

From Lisa:

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