AthMindset | CSUB Sports Medicine + Athletic Trainers Jessie Rogge and Kevin Williams

AthMindset | CSUB Sports Medicine + Athletic Trainers Jessie Rogge and Kevin Williams

All about athletic trainers, specifically the amazing athletic trainers at Cal State University Bakersfield (CSUB). In this AthMindset episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW, shares space with both Jessie Rogge and Kevin Williams to discuss CSUB Sports Medicine and more.

Sports medicine topics explored:

  • becoming an athletic trainer
  • what’s the focus of an athletic trainer
  • sports medicine
  • the importance of mental health
  • day in the life of an athletic trainer
  • CSUB Athletics

Jessie Rogge is an Associate Athletic Trainer at CSU- Bakersfield. She works primarily with Women’s volleyball/beach volleyball, Women’s basketball, and Men’s and Women’s Swim and Dive. In addition to that, she has administrative duties such as Mental Health coordinator and insurance coordinator. Jessie received her bachelor’s from Iowa State University and her master’s from San Jose State University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Athletic Training from A.T. Still University. Originally from Minnesota, Jessie is a big sports fan including watching college hockey and gymnastics.

Kevin Williams is the Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine and the Head Athletic Trainer for Men’s Soccer, Cross Country, and Softball.

This is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. And it’s all about mental health in sports.

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