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AthMindset | Creating Mental Health Space for Athletes with Betsy Cutler

In this first of the AthMindset Podcast Series, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW, chats with Betsy Cutler, M.Ed, President and CEO of Cutler Wellness Programs, LLC. Betsy and her team focus on athlete and student mental health programs for those in professional, college, and high school athletics. Lisa Bonta Sumii and Betsy Cutler talk about supporting athletes at all levels, seeing athletes as humans first, and serving the NAIA and JUCO colleges.

This is the AthMindset Series on SportsEpreneur. And it’s all about mental health in sports.

From Lisa:

I’m Lisa Bonta Sumii and this is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. 

This podcast series is a space for conversations with athletes, coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders in sports. And it’s where those individuals share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on mental health in sports. 

Eric Kasimov of SportsEpreneur is generously hosting the AthMindset Podcast Series on his platform as he deeply believes that these conversations are essential and deserve to be prioritized.

This is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. SportsEpreneur — the content platform where sports, entrepreneurship, and mental health collide!

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Headlines: AthMindset | Creating Mental Health Space for Athletes with Betsy Cutler and Lisa Bonta Sumii

Why Psychology for Betsy Cutler

The Intersection of Athletics and Mental Health

Supporting Athletes

The Mental Health Continuum as Described by Betsy Cutler

We All Have Mental Health

The Story of the Former Coach of the North Carolina Courage (NWSL)

Mental Health Support for NAIA and JUCO Athletics

Mental Health App by Cutler Wellness Programs

You Are Not Alone

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