Soccer Raised Me with Nana Attakora | AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur
Soccer Raised Me with Nana Attakora | AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur

AthMindset | Soccer Raised Me with Nana Attakora

In this AthMindset episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW, shares space with Nana Attakora. Nana is a Canadian former soccer player. He was most recently a team captain for the Oakland Roots of the USL Championship before retiring to become the assistant manager for the Roots where he currently holds that position. Nana also played many years in the MLS, playing for DC United, Toronto FC, and the San Jose Earthquakes. Nana grew up in Toronto, Canada. His parents are from Ghana. Nana played for many years for Team Canada at almost every international level.

Lisa and Nana Attakora have an open dialogue about relationships, life on and off the pitch, and finding out about the importance of mental health. Nana is one of those rare individuals that will leave a long-lasting positive impression. The opportunity to share space with Nana in any capacity is a privilege. With that, we hope you will take some time to listen to Nana and Lisa have this deep and emotional conversation.

This is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. And it’s all about mental health in sports.

From Lisa:

I’m Lisa Bonta Sumii and this is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. 

This podcast series is a space for conversations with athletes, coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders in sports. And it’s where those individuals share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on mental health in sports. 

Eric Kasimov of SportsEpreneur is generously hosting the AthMindset Podcast Series on his platform as he deeply believes that these conversations are essential and deserve to be prioritized.

This is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. SportsEpreneur — the content platform where sports, entrepreneurship, and mental health collide!

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Headlines from the AthMindset episode: Soccer Raised Me with Nana Attakora

Soccer, the beautiful game

Nana Attakora is not a typical athlete

Soccer was a way out for Nana Attakora

AthMindset | The Mental Health Side of Soccer and Life with Nana Attakora

The opportunity that soccer provided

Ghana and Toronto, Canada

Soccer kept Nana Attakora out of trouble

Learning how to think

Soccer is one big game of chess

Coping with pressure

Relationships start at home

Get to know people

Get clear on your purpose

Knowing the importance of mental health

Nana Attakora advice: it’s okay to be who you know you are

Continue to talk to kids


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