AthMindset | Sydney Supple | Empowering Women and Northwestern Softball | SE Podcast
AthMindset | Sydney Supple | Empowering Women and Northwestern Softball | SE Podcast

AthMindset | Sydney Supple | Empowering Women and Northwestern Softball

“Creating a platform where females feel empowered.” -Sydney Supple

Sydney is a rising senior at Northwestern University. Born and raised in Oshkosh, WI. Three-time Gatorade Player of the Year for Wisconsin and State Champion her senior year. She committed to Northwestern in 8th grade and she is a pitcher, first baseman, and designated hitter for the Northwestern Wildcats. This past year (21-22), Northwestern won the Big Ten Conference and beat Arizona State in the Super Regionals to make it to the Women’s College World Series where she started as the DH…

and that is where this conversation jumps off from–the experience of playing in the Women’s College World Series!

Lisa Bonta-Sumii, LCSW, CSW shares space with Sydney Supple in this episode — they discuss:

2022 Women’s College World Series 

– Journalism major

– Softball teaches life lessons

– Chemistry, relationships, and culture

– “Ride the bus together”

– The future of softball

– Athlete mental health in softball

– Dealing with injury

– Belief in yourself

– Give in to the game

– Be a strong women

– Northwestern softball coach | Kate Drohan

Northwestern University

photos courtesy of Sydney Supple, Northwestern Wildcats Softball Player

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