Trey Wertz of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish & Langston Wertz Jr of The Charlotte Observer | SportsE Podcast
Trey Wertz of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish & Langston Wertz Jr of The Charlotte Observer | SportsE Podcast

AthMindset | Trey Wertz of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish & Langston Wertz Jr of The Charlotte Observer

The way you show up in the world is reflective of your character. That is exactly what Trey Wertz and his father Langston Wertz Jr. strive to do every day — show up and be good citizens. Join us for this special episode that shines a spotlight on what it means to truly dedicate yourself completely on and off the court. Trey and Langston epitomize commitment in all they do.

In this episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW shares space with Trey Wertz and Trey’s father, Langston Wertz Jr. Trey is in his senior year at Notre Dame where he plays basketball for the Fighting Irish and studies economics. Trey is pursuing a master’s in business analytics. Langston has been an entertainment and award-winning sports journalist at the Charlotte Observer since 1988. He’s covered everything from Final Fours and NFL to video games and Britney Spears.

Lisa is close personal friends with the Wertz family and she is also Trey’s godmother! This interaction is genuine, heartfelt, and touches on many important topics in the sports world today.

Topics explored in this conversation:

  • overcoming obstacles and dedication to greatness in athletics
  • the importance of mental health in athletics
  • balancing academics, sports, and personal life
  • mutual commitment to the sport for both parents and athletes
  • letting your actions speak for themselves on and off the court
  • community outreach means being a “good citizen” and an asset to your neighbor
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • social media and its influence on the perception of reality
  • reliance on faith and personal values
  • de-stigmatizing mental health in the sports world
  • a father and son relationship

Trey Wertz and his father Langston Wertz Jr. embody what it means to be good citizens. The pride Trey’s father feels for his son is evident. Trey is low-key on social media and at times a quiet observer. He is a man who is truly humble and lets his actions speak for themselves. That integrity is carried with him in everything that he does. His upbringing and strong support system prepared him for a bright future in college basketball, academics, and whatever he decides to do next. Trey’s advice is “run your own race”. Enjoy what is and do not worry too much about tomorrow.

Must See! Trey Wertz’s buzzer-beater in the ACC Tournament!

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