Yale Women's Soccer Mia Grillo and Reina Bonta
Yale Women's Soccer Mia Grillo and Reina Bonta

AthMindset | Yale Women’s Soccer with Mia Grillo and Reina Bonta | + Student-Athletes & Mental Health

“Prioritize your own mental health.” -Reina Bonta

In this episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii shares space with Yale Women’s Soccer Student-Athletes, Mia Grillo and Reina Bonta.

Learn more about each of these amazing young women on their Yale Soccer Page: Mia Grillo | Reina Bonta

Mia and Reina’s support for each other, their teammates, and their own mental health is what this episode is all about. They get into the life of a student-athlete, Yale Women’s Soccer, their own mental health journey, soccer coaches, and their different interests.

Mia Grillo and Reina Bonta’s willingness to share makes this conversation so important. We’re grateful to each of them for their vulnerability, time, and their desire to give back.

This is the AthMindset Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur. And it’s all about mental health in sports.

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