Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming
Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming

Audible Style | Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming

This is an audible-style blog post on Amazon Prime regional sports streaming — on the SportsE Media platform. The original article is titled “Amazon Prime Saves Bally Sports and Sports Fans Everywhere.”

This episode explains Amazon Prime’s transformative role in sports media and its impact on fans and blackout restrictions.

Topics touched on in Amazon Prime Regional Sports Streaming audible style episode:

  • Amazon’s investment in Diamond Sports (owner of Bally Sports) is a major shift for fans of 37 professional MLB, NBA, and NHL teams.
  • The potential of Amazon Prime’s streaming technology is a massive upgrade for regional sports viewing with enhanced accessibility.
  • Mixed reactions to Diamond Sports’ ongoing operations despite Amazon Prime’s involvement.
  • What will the long-term response be to Amazon’s involvement in sports broadcasting?
  • The convenience of Amazon Prime for sports fans: Streaming favorite teams and everyday shopping on one platform.

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Main point: In a groundbreaking sports media development, Amazon has rescued Diamond Sports, the owner of Bally Sports. Diamond Sports operates 18 networks under the Bally Sports brand, holding the rights to 37 professional teams across baseball, the NBA, and the NHL.

Takeaway: Amazon Prime is not the only streaming service going for live sports. Netflix and WWE scored a huge deal. Netflix and Tennis are bringing Netflix Slam to your Netflix streaming service. Apple TV+ and the MLS started their run last year and added Messi to the programming. Amazon Prime already hit it big with Thursday Night Football. Of course, YouTube TV won the day with their NFL Sunday Ticket deal. Peacock and the NFL have aired exclusive games as well. Live sports plus streaming is where we will all be watching our sports. At this moment, it’s a race to which streaming service can gain access and media rights to the best and most-watched sports content.