Athlete Mindset Premium | The Pressure Placed on Kids in Youth Sports

Athlete Mindset with Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

This is a premium episode of Athlete Mindset. It features a conversation about the mental health dynamics of youth sports, focusing on the pressures young athletes face. The discussion includes how coaches can manage different levels of emotions among their players and the critical role of parental behavior in youth sports. This episode, “The Pressure … Read more

US World Cup Series | Soccer Is Time-Efficient

US World Cup Series | Soccer Is Time-Efficient

Soccer is Art. But Soccer Is Time Efficient, Too. Soccer, often celebrated for its artistry and passion, also excels where many sports falter today: time efficiency. It’s a point so simple yet essential in our fast-paced world—soccer respects your time. As highlighted in a 2022 World Cup Article from the Wall Street Journal, the World … Read more

NIL Agent | Scott Eisenstadt

NIL Podcast | NIL4U

In this episode, Rob and Trent are joined by Scott Eisenstadt, an NIL agent, to discuss various NIL-related topics. They cover interactions with collectives, the impact of smaller Division I programs, opportunities and challenges for athletes, social media and marketing criteria, differences in NIL opportunities, and parental expectations and misconceptions. The principal themes discussed include … Read more

Transcending into the New Era: Bitcoin’s Inclusion in the Sports Universe

Bitcoin's Inclusion in the Sports Universe

As sporting giants continue to seek advancements, the Bitcoin era is flourishing, impacting how we engage with sports. This digital disruption is a result of the increasing integration of Bitcoin into sports betting, leveraging the benefits of enhanced security, anonymity, and swift transactions. Companies like are pioneering a new age of sports fandom with … Read more

TGL and The Evolution of Professional Sports

TGL and The Evolution of Professional Sports | The Sports Backdrop podcast

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we focus on the innovative world of the TGL Golf League, Tiger Woods’ and Rory McIlroy’s latest venture aimed at revolutionizing how we experience golf. With high-tech simulations and fast-paced competition, TGL seeks to attract a new generation of fans by making the sport more entertaining and accessible. … Read more