3 Ways to Improve You and Your Business in the Offseason


It’s the offseason now in many sports. In others, the offseason approaches. Off the field, a lot of us share the sense that the summer should be downtime. I was talking with an associate, Paul Greiner about this the other day. Paul is a consultant that helps business owners and leaders make the leap from okay … Read more

How Prioritizing Short-Term Gain Crushed Baylor Football

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In the fall of 2015, we wrote about the Baylor football program and how they were not managing their negative publicity. The problem was that a student had transferred into the program despite a prior accusation of assault. When that student was convicted of sexual assault while at Baylor, many people questioned how much Head … Read more

3 People Impacted by Your Information Fire Hose

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It’s late spring. NFL Teams have made their draft picks and are now in the early stages of mini-camps. Soon enough, training camp will be here. Information is flowing at a rapid pace to the new, young players—and maybe it’s too rapid. Talent needs time to develop. While all teams are looking for the next … Read more

5 Ways to Hire Character in Your Business

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Every year it happens—talented players fall in the NFL Draft because of character concerns. In the 2016 NFL Draft, one player’s stock dropped moments before the draft due to newly found problems in his background. The actual details are not the point here, the issue is the importance of character, in sports and in business. … Read more

What Can U6 Girls Softball Teach Us in Business


My five-year-old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her first softball season. She likes every aspect of it, including the anticipation of the snack after the game. That is BIG motivation for the 6 and under softball team. But one Saturday morning she seemed a little less into the game. It happens. She’d already had a long … Read more

The 4 Ways Marcus Mariota will have a Successful NFL Career

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Marcus Mariota built an impressive career in college football, winning the Heisman Trophy, among other honors. In 2015, he was the second overall draft pick, right behind Jameis Winston. With the Tennessee Titans, he became the first NFL quarterback in history, and the youngest, to get a perfect passer rating in his first regular season … Read more

Counted Out? Not So Fast: 3 Reasons OKC Won Game 2

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Game One of the Western Conference Playoffs between the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) and San Antonio Spurs ended quickly. The Spurs won–by a lot. The buzz from the sports talk shows over the next couple of days was that the series is over, that playing through the rest of the series is a joke, that … Read more

3 Reasons Why the St. Louis Blues Won Game 7

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and How You Can Apply it to Your Business   For three years now, the St. Louis Blues have lost in the first round of the playoffs. History seemed about to repeat itself this year as their first round opponent, the Chicago Blackhawks fought back hard after being down three games to one, to tie … Read more

Foul Trouble Means Opportunity

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Basketball is one sport where if you commit too many fouls, you can’t play anymore. Often times, the coach needs to sit a player to keep them eligible to play later in the game. The big problem is the coach then needs to replace a good player with a lesser player. It might seem there … Read more

The Sky Hook: Making the Most of Change

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Unexpected change can hurt your game, or it can be a tremendous opportunity, depending on how you respond to it. That is one of the messages in John Wooden’s brilliant bestseller, Wooden on Leadership, and it’s a point that jumped out at me when I read the book, partly because my colleague, Jared Nichols, often … Read more