SportsMatterz | Tim Tebow, Connections, and Platforms

Tim Tebow

It’s Tebow Time… again. In this SportsMatterz episode, John Priore and Kimberly Bates have a conversation around Tim Tebow and what his signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars means to the world of sports and entrepreneurship. Specifically, John and Kimberly get into the importance of making connections and starting your own platform.  Tebow has officially signed … Read more

SportsMatterz | Sports Content Creation

SportsMatterz | Sports Content Creation

Getting deep with sports content creation. This is SportsMatterz, a SportsEpreneur Podcast Series. Bringing you real stories from the world of sports and entrepreneurship. Because as we say, sports matter. In this episode, John Priore welcomes SportsEpreneur writer, Kimberly Bates. We get into a unique way of storytelling and baseball adapting to the new age–as … Read more

RAV | Hockey & Entrepreneurship | Russ Sinkewich | Jeff LoVecchio | Vinny Stellato

Hockey & Entrepreneurship | Russ Sinkewich, Jeff LoVecchio, Vin Stellato

From hockey to entrepreneurship. Welcome to this episode of the RAV Podcast Series hosted by Jake Newton featuring Russ Sinkewich, Jeff LoVecchio, and Vinny Stellato. In this episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake talks with hockey players and entrepreneurs, Russ Sinkewhich (Owner of Ohio Hockey Project), Jeff LoVecchio (Owner of RIPT Hockey Training), and … Read more

RAV | Creating Intentional Habits with Tamsin Astor

Tamsin Astor

Creating a vision for your life and building intentional habits around that vision. In this episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake chats with Chief Habit Scientist, Tamsin Astor.  Tamsin Astor join’s Jake to speak about creating positive habits. She helps and guides her clients to cultivate healthier habits through a wide range of new … Read more

RAV | Discussing the Struggles of Life After Hockey with Josh Gratton

Josh Gratton

Transitioning to life after a sport that you’ve spend your life in can be tough. Josh Gratton knows all about the struggles that this transition can bring. In this episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake chats with professional hockey player, Josh Gratton.  On this episode, Jake had former NHL player Josh Gratton join him … Read more

#ProTalk With MoAliFC | Episode 5 | Rafa Mir

Rafa Mir | Pro Talk with Mo Ali FC | SportsEpreneur

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Pro Talk Podcast Series hosted by Mo Ali Heydarpour on SportsEpreneur featuring Rafa Mir of SD Huesca.   Rafa has also played on great teams such as Valencia, Wolverhampton Wanderers & Nottingham Forest. SportsEpreneur is the content platform where sports and entrepreneurship collide! It’s for the deep-rooted and not … Read more

RAV | Building a Strong Mentality Through Adversity with David Anderson

David Anderson

The real journey of mental health struggles and overcoming adversity. In this episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake chats with professional hockey player, David Anderson.  On this episode, Jake had David Anderson on to discuss his journey. Towards the end of his teenage years, David lost his mother. After her passing, he found out … Read more