Athletes are Human Too | Marcus Rashford to Roberto Baggio

Despite the pandemic we are suffering worldwide, we have managed to enjoy a magnificent UEFA European Championship, crowning a team that had not given their fans that particular joy for a long time. But I want to talk specifically about the final game between England and Italy. It was a match that from the beginning … Read more

SportsMatterz | Small School College Athletes Should Create Content, Now!

SportsMatterz | Small School College Athletes Should Create Content

Just like a coach in basketball, college athletes need coaches for their content creation and marketing. In this SportsMatterz episode, we have a conversation about a journey in the basketball world including time as a player, coach, and trainer. We get into why athletes should create content in the first place and how athletes can … Read more

SE68 | Fanalyze the Game with Juan Juan

Fanalyze the Game with co-founder, Juan Juan | A SportsEpreneur Podcast

Fanalyze states that on average, fantasy sports research per player accounts for 10 hours per week! That’s mind-blowing. Fanalyze aims to simplify and shorten the time spent analyzing the sports data. Simply put, Fanalyze is the fastest way to analyze fantasy sports and sports betting data. Juan Juan, the co-founder, says Fanalyze aims to be … Read more

The Houston Astros Storyline Heading Into 2021

The 2020 Houston Astros avoided the cheating fallout. What will the 2021 Houston Astros storyline be? You might be able to make a case that the Houston Astros are the luckiest team in the entire sports world. Yeah, they made it to Game 7 of the ALCS against the Tampa Bay Rays after being down … Read more

NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom

This article, “NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom” highlighting the good that NASCAR is doing to build a new era of fandom was written by SportsEpreneur’s own, Michael Wilson. It’s difficult opening up social media and, regardless of whichever side you lean towards, to not get angry at all the events going on right now. However, … Read more

What to Do When You’re Punched in the Mouth

What to Do When You’re Punched in the Mouth

“What to Do When You’re Punched in the Mouth” is a guest post written by Charlie Leonard. Overcoming Adversity “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.” In an interview with Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Mike Tyson talked in depth about the origins of his iconic quote. He … Read more

SE42 | Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson

Positively impacting the lives of players, fans, and the city of Sacramento. In this SportsEpreneur Podcast episode, John Priore chats with Chip Maxson, General Manager of the Sacramento River Cats, AAA Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  We discuss mentoring, the city of Sacramento, and leading a baseball organization. 

Chip was the 2019 Pacific Coast League Executive of the Year. He led the Sacramento River Cats to the 2019 AAA National Championship. 

John spent time with Chip at Sutter Health Park, the stadium the River Cats call home. Let’s get into this episode: Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Leading the Sacramento River Cats with General Manager, Chip Maxson
The City of Sacramento
Chip’s Background
How the River Cats Positively Impact the Community
From Intern to General Manager
The Mental Side of Minor League Baseball
The Importance of Networking and Education
Winning the 2019 National Championship
The 2020 Sacramento River Cats

Super Bowl Business Lessons

Super Bowl Business Lessons | Charlotte, NC | SportsEpreneur

Takeaways from the Big Game | Or Simply Put, Super Bowl Business Lessons From Super Bowl 54 As we look back on the 2020 Super Bowl, we can’t help but look for ways to learn from it. While these aren’t lessons for us to teach our favorite teams how to make it to the Super … Read more

Sports Betting and Barstool Sports Collide

Sports Betting & Barstool Sports Collide | Penn National Gaming | SportsEpreneur

This sports betting thing is really big, isn’t it? News broke this week that Barstool Sports was receiving a significant investment from a gaming company. Penn National Gaming is investing $163 million into Barstool Sports. Here’s the press release: Penn National Gaming (PNG) will own 36% of Barstool Sports. In three years, an additional … Read more