The Michigan Sign-Stealing Controversy

The Michigan Sign-Stealing Controversy

As the Big Ten season hangs in the balance, the University of Michigan stands accused of not only breaking the rules but shattering the very spirit of fair play. This is the Michigan sign-stealing controversy explained. The chorus of disapproval against Michigan’s football program is growing louder, with critics from within the college sports community … Read more

Understanding Athlete Identity with Kim Brady

Understanding Athlete Identity with Kim Brady

Be Playful. Be Purposeful. Be Passionate. The core values of our guest today Kim Brady. As a small business coach, soccer player, and former therapist, Kim’s experiences have shaped her unique perspective on success and personal growth. In this episode of the Athlete Mindset podcast, we dive into Kim Brady’s fascinating insights on athlete identity, … Read more

Duke University’s Approach to Athlete Mental Health with Dr. Aaron Goodson

Dr. Aaron Goodson | Athlete Mental Health at Duke University

Meet Duke University’s Dr. Aaron Goodson, the driving force behind Duke University’s Mental Health and Performance Department. In this episode of Athlete Mindset, we explore the vital significance of embedding clinical mental health and mental performance consultation services within athletic departments, the importance of racial and ethnic representation among practitioners, and much more. Join us … Read more

Bringing Lived Experience to Clinical Work with Derek Bylsma

Bringing Lived Experience to Clinical Work with Derek Bylsma

This episode features Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Executive Director of Millennium Counseling Center, Derek Bylsma. This episode is about bringing lived experience to clinical work, suicide prevention and awareness, and addressing the mental health stigma that still exists today. In this Athlete Mindset podcast, Derek also discusses mental health in young athletes, his background … Read more

Colin Jonov | NFL Was Just the Start

Colin Jonov | NFL Was Just the Start | SportsE Media

Many see the NFL as the peak, but for Colin Jonov that was just the beginning. We talk all things mental fortitude in this episode of Athlete Mindset.  In this episode: Getting cut from the Buffalo Bills was a huge wakeup call for Colin Learning to identify with the things you can control (who you … Read more

Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond

Michelle Colson | Footballer and Beyond | Athlete Mindset

Michelle Colson, a professional footballer, reflects on her journey to becoming the player she is today and explores her personal growth beyond the football field. In this episode: Michelle Colson recalls her childhood where she often found herself as the only girl on the pitch. Michelle discusses her decision to become an ambassador for Devine … Read more

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health

Allison Schmitt | 10-Time Olympic Medalist on Mental Health | SportsE Media

Allison Schmitt, a professional swimmer and 10-time Olympic medalist shares her journey in swimming, her experiences at the Olympics, and her passion for sports and mental health. In this episode: Allison shares the profound impact her cousin’s tragic suicide had on her — it’s what fueled Allison’s passion for mental health. Allison talks about feeling … Read more