Top 5 2024 World Series Contenders To Watch Out For

As the 2024 Major League Baseball season begins, anticipation builds for what promises to be another thrilling chapter in the annals of baseball history. Each team sights the coveted prize: the World Series Championship. Speculation and predictions are rife among fans and analysts alike, with debates heating up over which teams are poised to make … Read more

Paige Halstead | UCLA National Champion to Ambassador of Softball

In this episode of “From The Players,” Sydney talks with Paige Halstead, a former UCLA National Champion and professional softball player for Athletes Unlimited. Paige shares her incredible journey from her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, to becoming a silver medalist with Team USA and a key contributor to UCLA’s victory in the 2019 Women’s … Read more

Mental Strength with Dr. Brook Choulet

Mental Strength with Dr. Brook Choulet | Athlete Mindset Podcast on SportsE Media

In this episode of Athlete Mindset, Lisa shares space with Dr. Brook Choulet, a renowned concierge psychiatrist specializing in sports psychiatry. With a passionate commitment to enhancing the mental health and performance of athletes and high achievers, Dr. Choulet shares her unique approach to psychiatry, her journey into the specialized field of sports psychiatry, and … Read more

Empowering Athletes Through NIL with Orlando Arnold

NIL Podcast | NIL4U

In this episode, hosts Rob Finkelstein and Coach Trent are joined by Orlando Arnold, founder and CEO of Pyramid Sports and Entertainment. As a former Alabama State baseball player turned MLB agent, Orlando shares his journey and insights into the evolving NIL era. An episode about empowering athletes through NIL. Welcome to the NIL4U Podcast, an … Read more

Entrepreneurship & NIL with Thomas Coke

NIL Podcast | NIL4U

In this episode of NIL4U, we talk NIL with Thomas Coke, a multifaceted entrepreneur, lawyer, and expert in branding and alternative finance. Thomas shares his wisdom from his extensive experience in launching ventures and navigating the NIL landscape. This episode focuses on how entrepreneurship and NIL leverage opportunities for student-athletes. Welcome to the NIL4U Podcast, … Read more

Megan Faraimo | Former UCLA All-American, National Champion, Professional Softball Player

From the Players podcast | by SportsE Media

In this episode of From The Players, Sydney sits down with Megan Faraimo. Megan is a remarkable athlete who was an All-American and National Champion at UCLA. And now Megan is a professional softball player with Athletes Unlimited and teams overseas. This conversation showcases Megan Faraimo’s resilience and dedication to elite sports performance. Megan shares … Read more

Bailey Dowling | Alabama Softball Slugger

From the Players podcast | by SportsE Media

A conversation with Bailey Dowling, the powerhouse senior infielder slugger for the University of Alabama. In this episode of From The Players, Bailey shares insights from Alabama Softball’s electrifying start to the 2024 season and her experiences at the 2023 Women’s College World Series. Discover what it takes to play under Coach Murphy, Bailey’s approach … Read more

Empowering Athletes Beyond the Game with Sivonnia DeBarros

NIL Podcast | NIL4U

In this episode of NIL4U, we sit down with Sivonnia DeBarros, the Protector of Athletes®, a trailblazing first-generation lawyer and former Division 1 track and field athlete. With her extensive experience in law and a deep passion for supporting athletes, women, and first-generation business owners, DeBarros shares her insights on creating lasting legacies, the importance … Read more