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Coors Field | Enjoying Your Surroundings Matter! | SportsEpreneur

Enjoy Your Surroundings, It Matters | Coors Field

Coors Field is a stadium that allows one to appreciate their surroundings. It sparks creativity, it sparks that desire to keep showing up, it sparks an emotion. And with positive emotion, good things may happen! This amazing image of the Coors Field baseball stadium is a reminder to enjoy your surroundings — at least find

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Idea Execution Is Everything | as Shown by Leicester City FC

Big Thanks to @dannyygreenwood for being a SportsEpreneur contributor with this idea execution video from the Leicester City vs Huddersfield Town.   Execution of an idea is everything. An idea becomes a strategy that then demands execution. In this video you see James Maddison of Leicester City execute the plan to perfection. “What a beauty”! Our SportsEpreneur contributor,

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Insurance Playbook for Success

The New England Patriots Model | by Mitch Long As a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, it is hard for me to say nice things about the New England Patriots–but I have to admire the organization and their consistent success. It is no accident that they keep winning year after year. In the insurance industry, we

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Young Players Are…Young

Ben Simmons and Young Business Professionals I hear negative comments about young players in all sports, but most recently in basketball. People go at these players as if these kids are finished products—as if anybody is ever a finished product. Take 22-year-old Ben Simmons, of the Philadelphia 76ers, a phenom by all accounts. He is

Sports Stories Recognizing The Right Things In Sports

Sports Stories: Recognizing the Right Things in Sports

At SportsEpreneur, we think it is important to highlight the sports stories of those doing the right things in the sports world. There is so much negativity in the news that it’s easy to get the wrong impression of the world. Maybe the bad stories have to be told, but there needs to be balance.

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Think Big Picture

How the NBA Season and Your Business is All About the Big Picture Every NBA team’s season is full of wins and losses and strategic decisions, but that win or loss doesn’t mean the same thing for every team. The right decision for one team might be the wrong decision for another. That’s because not

A Podcast Review For Those That Love Podcasts: Sports Marketing Huddle by Rob Cressy | SportsEpreneur

Podcast Review: Sports Marketing Huddle, Rob Cressy

There are podcasts you just like. And then there are those podcasts that pull you in like a great Netflix show. Binge time! It doesn’t have to be a mainstream podcast. It doesn’t have to be the kind of thing that appeals to everybody. But when I find a podcast that addresses both sports and

Living in the Past: the Lakers Way | SportsEpreneur | Don't Follow Them

Living in the Past: The Los Angeles Lakers Way

The Los Angeles Lakers have been living in the past. And what a past it was! Wilt Chamberlin, Showtyme, Kobe, and Shaq? It makes sense that the team and their fans would want to re-live their glory days. I think any basketball fan would sign up for that history. But that’s just it—it’s history, in

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You Can’t Make ‘Em All

A business lesson learned from the NC State vs. Clemson basketball game–you can’t make ’em all. My friend and I went out to lunch the other day, where we sat and talked as we waited for our food to arrive. And waited and waited. Seems the establishment we had chosen was having a slow day.

Squeaky Wheel Needs Some Grease!

Squeaky Wheel Needs Some Grease!

How it might have been different if that New Orleans Saints wide receiver had been the squeaky wheel.  It’s been a while since the no-call that sent the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl and the New Orleans Saints home. And by now I think many are past it. Well, maybe not Saints fans

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Klay Thompson’s Ridiculous Blame Game

I’m not here to call into question the basketball skills of Klay Thompson. He is a phenomenal player and is having a heck of a career—but he just voiced one of the worst thoughts of the sports year. After the biggest upset (per the spread at least) in the NBA since 2016, Klay Thompson was

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David De Gea and the Easy Saves

A David De Gea and business leader story about the Manchester United Goalkeeper, not getting credit, and making it look easy. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He is one of the best, maybe even the best, soccer goalie in the world. The world? Yes. Or, at least, that’s my opinion. Other people have different opinions.

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More Than a Game

How college football programs like Ohio State draw attention for other endeavors. The football game is the entertainment, the game is the draw. But if you think a sports program (say, the Ohio State Buckeyes) is only about playing football, you’re not paying attention.  Think about the gear: the shirts, jerseys, hats. Think about the food and

Always Looking to Improve: SportsEpreneur’s New Look | SportsEpreneur

Always Looking to Improve: SportsEpreneur’s New Look

We are happy to annouce SportsEpreneur’s new look. We hope you all enjoy! It’s been three years since SportsEpreneur launched its first blog post. I remember our excitement then, what would SportsEpreneur become? What would people think about it? I’ll tell you what it’s become; It’s a platform that leads to new conversations with people.

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What’s Your Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday. Biggest sporting event of the year. But if your team isn’t playing in the game this year, don’t assume you don’t get a Super Bowl. Now, I don’t mean consuming mass amounts of chicken wings, or anything similar, and I’m not necessarily talking about sports. I mean what is the biggest event

Sports Media Wants Your Clicks—Especially YOU, Buckeye Fans | SportsEpreneur

Sports Media Wants Your Clicks—Especially YOU, Buckeye Fans

Pick a polarizing team in the world of sports. Follow the commentary on that team on social media long enough, and you’ll start to see a pattern, a pattern of negativity—because these aren’t just opinions. These are opinions with an agenda. There are many teams that are polarizing. The Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, the

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What I Learned From Frank Reich

Many of the people I like the best, the people I find most impressive, don’t take themselves very seriously. It’s not that they don’t care about their work, it’s that they truly enjoy what they are doing, and they don’t make it about them. For example, Frank Reich, Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Frank

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Sometimes One Goal is All it Takes

Soccer isn’t as popular in the United States as it is overseas. There are a lot of reasons—most of us didn’t grow up with the sport, we don’t have an elite league in this country yet (MLS is trying!), and on and on. But a big complaint I hear from my friends (when I tell

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Hurdles in Life and Business

I played a lot of sports growing up.  I just loved the thrill of competition and the mental and physical challenges.  Out of all the sports I played, soccer was my favorite, but I had the most success with track (which I loved, too). I started out as a pure sprinter, but then switched to

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Curated Feel-Good Sports Stories | Steph Curry, Robert Foster, Donovan Mitchell

Despite the negative news you constantly see, there are many positive stories happening in the sports world. Still feeling depressed by the news? Sounds like it’s time for another installment of our good-news story collection. We don’t want you to tune out—if you’re not informed, you can’t get involved and you can’t make the world

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Applying the Kick Return Game to Business

Where you start matters because starting ahead gives you better odds for success. Football is not an exact science, but I’ve heard both players and coaches say that there’s a close relationship between where a team starts after a kickoff and the odds of scoring on that drive. For example, if an offensive team starts

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Curated Feel-Good Stories From the Charlotte Sports World

Charlotte has got a lot–of good. Watching the news can be so depressing. It’s important to stay informed. If you don’t know what’s going on out there, how can you help? But on the other hand, if you’re depressed and discouraged all the time, it’s hard to help with much of anything. So, what is

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The Denzel Ward Draft Pick Proves You Should Ignore Outside Noise

This article is sponsored by Erie and Anchor. Erie and Anchor is an apparel brand for those who love, live, and play on Lake Erie. This article is not about the success of the Cleveland Browns. That would be a short article—and that’s no knock on the Browns. My dad is from Cleveland. I’m an

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story | SportsEpreneur

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story

Passionate and positive fans can make a difference. The Columbus Crew staying home proves that. Soccer is not a major professional sport in the United States, though it’s enormous internationally, but Americans still follow and play the game. And when we do, we often get passionately involved.    Which brings me to the Columbus Crew. My son and

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Curated Feel Good Tweets from the World of Sports

Hop on Twitter at any moment and you are bound to find a lot happening. Twitter can be a great place. For many, Twitter has a toxic feel. There’s hate, agendas, bad mouthing–it’s all enough to make you move to the next app on your phone. But there’s so much good happening in Twitter–and in

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The Success of Jared Goff

Every year, the question is always which quarterback will be drafted first? In 2016, it turned out to be Jared Goff, by the Los Angeles Rams. Being drafted number one overall in the NFL comes with high expectations–that Goff failed to reach in his first season. Actually, that’s not unusual. There is a lot that goes

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Jacob deGrom for Cy Young

If you have followed the New York Mets this season, you have my condolences. After the exciting 11-1 start, the Mets completely fell off the map. Realistically, fans had only one reason to even watch the team this year—Jacob deGrom. DeGrom pitched a stellar season and ended his historic year by shutting out the playoff-bound

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Dabo Did the Right Thing

Dabo Swinney, Head Coach of the Clemson Tigers Made a Major Decision that Shook College Football Update: January 8, 2019 With the Clemson Tigers winning the College Football National Championship, Dabo Swinney has proved that his mid-season decision to change quarterbacks was the right move. Many fans and non-fans questioned this move when it happened. Not