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Time Away: Use It or Lose It | SportsEpreneur Business Blog

Time Away: Use It or Lose It

Time. It’s Kind of a Big Deal. Does it ever seem like you just don’t have enough time? Maybe you have projects you want to work on, but don’t get to. Maybe you have career goals that need more time than you have to invest. Maybe you’d like to read a book, but you think

Pretend It’s The Championship | SportsEpreneur Motivation

Pretend It’s The Championship

As my daughter, Chloe, gets ready for basketball camp, she looks at me and says, “Daddy, you know how I get myself to play hard? I pretend it’s the championship.” If that didn’t give me insight! I’ve always felt the best advice can be so simple, stuff right in front of us. How do you

Sometimes It Just Takes Two | SportsEpreneur, Charlotte Content Platform - f-22a raptor

Sometimes It Just Takes Two

Duos work because sometimes, it just takes two Simon needed Garfunkle. Jerry needed George. Jack needed Jill. And to finish on a sports duo, Shaq needed Kobe (and vice versa). What does all of this matter? Sales, projects, getting work done, that’s why it matters. If you’re on a project by yourself, it’s all yours,

What Coaching Little League Baseball Taught Me About Leadership That Can Be Applied Anywhere

What Coaching Little League Baseball Taught Me About Leadership

This article about coaching little league baseball is a guest post by Gino Trapani. Gino was recently a guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. You can find that episode here. I recently wrapped up my third year of coaching little league baseball. The final game and end-of-season pizza party is always a mixed bag of

Don’t Apologize to the Audience | Content Marketing Charlotte

Don’t Apologize to the Audience

“Don’t apologize to the audience” is a guest post from our editor, Caroline. Normally, we use sports to talk about business around here. Only problem is, I don’t play sports, don’t follow sports, it’s just not my thing. So what do I know well enough to draw important lessons from? Writing. I’ve always been, or

Entrepreneurs, Protect Your Downside | SportsEpreneur

Entrepreneurs, Protect Your Downside

It’s not about living in fear. It’s about minimizing risk. Protect your downside. We love helping entrepreneurs build stuff. But we hate watching something someone has built fall down. And a lot of collapses don’t have to happen—if a couple of steps had just been taken…. To get what I’m saying, imagine designing a literal,

World Cup Lesson #3: Bad Start

World Cup Lesson #3: Bad Start

Colombia vs Japan, and it’s the first World Cup match for both teams. The long wait is over. The practice, the strategy, the buildup…it’s all in the past now. Now it’s time to play.  One minute of gameplay, then two, then three. And then—  A handball. The ref calls it intentional. It’s in the box. That

World Cup Lesson #2: Think

World Cup Lesson #2: Think

The mental side of the World Cup is a big deal. Sure, skill plays a major role in the success of a team, but if players do not think properly about the task at hand, it could cost their country a victory.  Thinking seems basic, but it isn’t.   All too many of us, all too often,

World Cup Lesson #1: Patience | Entrepreneur Learning

World Cup Lesson #1: Patience

I watch as many World Cup Soccer games I can, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is patience.  Sure, at the end of the game, urgency can creep in. But mostly, the game is filled with patience.  Passing, pausing, waiting, making a run up the field only to have the player

Instagram | Sports and Entrepreneur Content

Instagram | Sports and Entrepreneur Content

Entrepreneur content can be found in many places these days. In an email, in a book, on Facebook, in a Snapchat story, in your LinkedIn newsfeed and of course in one of the hottest social media platforms, Instagram. If you have followed SportsEpreneur content for a while you know we love Instagram (also known as

Remember When Things Were Going Great?

Remember When Things Were Going Great?

Ah, the good old days!  The Buffalo Bills in the 90’s, the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s, the New York Islanders of the 80’s….  None of those organizations are particularly notable now, but each had an exciting, golden age that fans love to look back on.  People like looking back in general. It starts with the words,

Sustained Success is Best | SportsEpreneur Content, Villanova Wildcats WIL D Cat

Sustained Success is Best

A quick look back at the 2018 College Basketball National Champions, Villanova Wildcats – and their sustained success Back in 1985, the Villanova Wildcats won a championship in an upset over Georgetown. It was the most unlikely win you can imagine, a great success story. But that story ended. The success was real and important, but it was a generation ago. 

Stop Assuming | SportsEpreneur

Stop Assuming!

As Cy Wakeman says in her book, “No Ego“, “Stop believing everything you think.“ There we were on a business call and one of our associates was acting like the deal was a foregone conclusion. And, in fact, the deal looked good, the other party seemed interested, there was no good reason it shouldn’t work

The Washington Capitals Recurring Obstacle | SportsEpreneur

The Washington Capitals Recurring Obstacle

Learning about overcoming obstacles from watching the Washington Capitals  There it is again. You’ve come so far, but then there’s that familiar old obstacle in your way and the success just stops. We’ve all run into it. Some people call it running into a brick wall. Some people call it hitting a plateau. A certain

Keep Showing Up | SportsEpreneur | Softball U8

Keep Showing Up, Like Chloe

My youngest child just got her first hit of the softball season.   Now, I’m not saying she’s about to join the Woman’s Softball Olympic team. In fact, she might not even play next season, and I’m ok with that. But I’m impressed with her performance, anyway.  Let me tell you why. Let me take you

Which Way is First Base | SportsEpreneur Content Platform

Which Way is First Base

I love Little League baseball. You watch these five- and six-year-olds just enjoying the game as if for the first time—oh, wait, it is their first time!   But we also get to watch kids picking their noses, wiggling loose teeth, and looking the wrong way. “Hey mom, look at me, my tooth is wiggly!!”   “That’s great darling!! Watch the ball now!”  Then the

Balancing Motivation with Satisfaction

Balancing Motivation with Satisfaction

This audio video is from our recent “Entrepreneur Perspectives” Podcast, Episode 33: Perspectives of a Sports Counselor (LCPC) with Derek Bylsma.  This clip features our guest, Derek Bylsma of Millennium Hope Counseling Center. Derek is discussing balancing motivation with satisfaction and why it is so important.      You can hear the entire podcast at Entrepreneur Perspectives. 

Pro Hockey Lessons for Entrepreneurs | SportsEpreneur Content

Pro Hockey Has Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Hockey Lessons for Entrepreneurs Because We Love Hockey and We Love Business Speed. Aggression. Knowing when to take a risk. Knowing how to keep your cool. Knowing when to drop the gloves. The right strategy. The right talent in the right roles.  All of those things are elements of a successful hockey team — and a

The NFL Draft and Finding People to Fit Into Your Corporate Culture | SportsEpreneur

The NFL Draft and Finding People to Fit Into Your Corporate Culture

Businesses, like an NFL team, have their ways to find individuals to fit their corporate culture The NFL Draft has become quite the spectacle. The hype, the rumors, the talent, the show. All of it is about finding not only an incredible talent but talent that will mesh well with a team’s culture. Either the

Keeping My Mind Right As a 13 Year Old Soccer Goalie

Keeping My Mind Right As a 13 Year Old Soccer Goalie

When playing a sport, you are going to have bad days, especially if you play soccer goalie like me.  I am Mason Kasimov, Eric’s son. I am a soccer goalie and having bad days comes with the job—for me and even for the best goalies in the country like Tim Howard and Zack Steffen. So,

Why I Wear Sneakers to Work

Why I Wear Sneakers to Work

I wear sneakers to work — not always, there are days when I wear a suit and shoes, but many days, I rock Nike’s.  Why?  There are many reasons. I wear sneakers because they’re comfortable, because they’re fashionable, and because I just want to.  But mostly I wear sneakers so I can have no excuses for taking a 30-minute

Drive Results for Others—The Magic Johnson Way

Drive Results for Others—The Magic Johnson Way

The best passers in NBA history have had a knack for driving results for others. Magic Johnson, one of the game’s best ever, could pass like no other. He did it in a way that captivated people. He had fun, he helped others succeed, and as a result, he succeeded. What a concept! If you

Charlotte Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

Charlotte Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

Charlotte Business Opportunities Keep The Queen City Going I live in Charlotte, NC, and I can literally see the growth of my city every time I look out my office window—there are more cars on Providence Road than there used to be, and it seems like the traffic gets worse every day.    I could complain about

Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast Clip: Serve Others | Steve McGuiggan

Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast Clip: Serve Others

Serve Others to Serve Yourself by Steve McGuiggan, Owner of The Minnesota Mash Business owner and former baseball player, Steve McGuiggan was on our KazSource podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives. Steve has a clear passion for the game of baseball and has fallen in love with building a business. All of this became possible when he transitioned from

NCAA Tournament Selection Show: Stealing Time

NCAA Tournament Selection Show: Stealing Time

Stealing time from your customer is a quick way to lose trust The NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway! That’s great! It’s exciting! But you know what’s not great or exciting? The many minutes of my time they stole with that over-inflated tournament selection show. These shows are getting more drawn out every year. Why? Obviously,

Stay Productive: How to Beat That 2PM Feeling | Entrepreneurial Content

Stay Productive: How to Beat That 2 O’Clock Feeling

If you stay productive you will be productive, but how? You show up to work in the morning, refreshed from a good nights sleep and ready to work.   During the first few hours at the office, you are grooving, knocking out everything on your agenda and then some. What a great feeling!   Then, after a long and productive morning, you

Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs | KazFit Content

Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs is a fitness in the workplace post from John Priore | KazFit You walk into the office in the morning, your legs still not completely awake after your commute to work, and you approach the door. Do you take the elevator or take the stairs?  This choice may seem like a no-brainer and

Boston Celtics: Overcoming the Doubt | SportsEpreneur Content Platform

Boston Celtics: Overcoming the Doubt

One major setback is not going to ruin the Boston Celtics — and you shouldn’t let setbacks shake your confidence, either!  Opening night of anything is always exciting. The NBA season opener, the Boston Celtics versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, was no exception. Storylines all over the place—Kyrie Irving in a new uniform playing against his old team,

Cyber Attacks Are No Joke: Are You Prepared? | SE Guest Post

Cyber Attacks Are No Joke: Are You Prepared?

A true story, guest post on cyber attacks by Harold Howell, Owner of Risk Solutions, Inc. If you are a business owner who thinks cyber attacks aren’t a serious threat, you’d better sit down. Many people think these incidents are rare, too minor to worry about, or just something that happens to somebody else. But