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Could Humility Be The Answer

Could Humility Be the Answer

The way I see it, pressure in life can be a problem. We are all under so much pressure to perform, to be perfect—or at least to pretend we are. That pressure has to come out somewhere. It comes out in anger or other behaviors. How do we de-fuse the ticking time bombs that comes

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Focus on the Game

Why? Because–The Game Matters. Each game played is independent of anything that happens before or after. Two teams square off, the winner wins, the loser loses, it’s that simple. Are there implications? Are there consequences? Sure. But first and most important is did you win or did you lose that game.   Why am I getting into this? Because I feel

3 Keys To Building Brand The Right Way

3 Keys to Building Brand The Right Way

Building Brand always starts with good ethics College basketball coaching legend, Rick Pitino’s Hall of Fame legacy has once again been sullied by the latest allegations of graft. He stands accused of illegal recruiting tactics that include $100,000 payouts to the top-ranked athletes if they chose to attend Louisville. Pitino was also cited for hiring escorts

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Sometimes You Have to Hand the Ball to Your Running Back

You are rolling at the quarterback position today, 25-30 with 358 yards and three touchdowns. Nothing can slow you down. The passing game is flourishing, and the last thing you want to think about is handing the ball off to your running back. However, the defense knows that you are not going to hand the

The Stanley Cup Deserves Insurance Too

The Stanley Cup Deserves Insurance Too

A story about one of the most storied trophies in professional sports. The Stanley Cup.   The NHL Playoffs concluded in the spring of 2017 with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning it all for the second consecutive season. You had the best teams in the league vying to become Champions and win the one and only Stanley Cup. There really


A story about pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do My youngest niece is learning to stand up. She’s ten months old. She can already crawl well, and she learned to pull herself up on convenient furniture or a friendly adult months ago. Now, she can achieve the vertical unassisted and balance there,

The Economics of Sports in Cleveland

A look into how the economics of sports in Cleveland impact and create business   Normally, we think of sports as an opportunity for working people to step away from the craziness of everyday life and relax. But what about when your work is related to sports? We often talk about sports as an analogy

Ohio State Pro Day First Timer

How the Ohio State Pro Day showcases talented players and how I handled it. All university students have the opportunity to attend one or more job fairs. College athletes are no exception, but when the NFL comes to campus to check out prospective players, it’s always a big deal. When I was a student at

I Couldn’t Disagree More with Buffalo Bills Coach, Sean McDermott

I Couldn’t Disagree More with Buffalo Bills Coach, Sean McDermott

My response to Coach Sean McDermott’s statement of “we don’t lose, we learn.”   Actually, when you lose, you really do lose  Losing stinks, but it’s worse when you refuse to admit defeat.   This past Sunday, out of nowhere, Coach Sean McDermott benched his starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, for fifth-round rookie quarterback, Nathan Peterman. The decision was met with criticism from all over—the local

High School Football: An Ohio Way of Life

The state of Ohio lives for High School Football. This passion is something we can all learn from.   Ohio loves its football. Of course, football is the national pastime, but in some states—Ohio, California, Florida, and Texas all spring to mind—high school football is more than just a game. Some of the top college

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The 3 Feelings in Sports and Entrepreneurship

A story about playing in the game of sports and entrepreneurship. I sat in the gym on a Saturday morning listening to the Yes I Can coaches in Charlotte, North Carolina give a motivational speech to the nine-and-under basketball team. The game had been close, but these kids had lost, and they felt terrible. The

Relationships And The Buffalo Bills

Relationships and the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills provide a great example of how relationships can work in your business.   2017 was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Buffalo Bills, but they’ve already won five games. They are legitimately in the playoff chase. They are not without their problems, but they are better off than most predicted.

Hit the Putt: Making the Sale

Putting in Golf and Making the Sale in Business Are Closely Related   It’s a beautiful day on the golf course. The sun is out, the grass is cut, and you’re playing well. As you approach the seventh hole, you look at your scorecard and see that you are even for the first six holes.

You’ve Got This

A Story About Finding Confidence During Tough Times   As the NFL season rolls on, I watch kickers miss kicks they should be able to make with their eyes closed. They proceed to walk off the field with their head down, come back on the field, and miss more kicks. What’s going on? They have the physical ability and

The Key to Great Content is Emotion as Proven by Gus Johnson

Often times, the key to great content is emotion.  But you can’t just make someone cry without setting the story up. You can’t make someone laugh without laying the groundwork for the punchline. And you can’t create excitement without some sort of framework. To draw out the emotion, you need context.  Here’s the context:  Saturday afternoon game, Ohio

Instagram is a Must for Your Business

Instagram is the One Social Network Every Entrepreneur Should Use   Instagram is the number one way today we engage with our audience for SportsEpreneur. It consists of distribution of content, replying to comments, researching other great content, direct messaging, and overall branding. It’s one of the best tools available for social media. It works

McGregor Vs Mayweather And The Story Of Your Business

McGregor vs Mayweather and the Story of Your Business

A look back to the McGregor vs Mayweather fight and the story around it.   The 41-year-old undefeated champion goes up against the egotistical high-energy, fearless UFC fighter and defeats him late in a close-fought match–wait, is this Rocky Balboa vs Hulk Hogan?  No, but yes. If the McGregor vs Mayweather fight felt like something from a

UCLA’s Early Season Comeback Still Teaches An Incredible Lesson

A look back to an incredible game and teaching moment in college football   If you’re a college football fan, you probably watched the game between UCLA and Texas A&M right up through the third quarter…and then went to bed. The score was 44-10, after all–and it was late (on the east coast).   In sports, once the situation looks too dire, fans

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

by Shane Snively The year Dad died, one of the hardest things to handle was college gameday. Go Bucks!! No texts …. no phone calls …. no laughing about the five-second delay he had on his TV compared to mine, “spoiler alert, Penn State just fumbled!”   Dad was a hybrid Penn State/Ohio State fan, and it was the sit-on-the-couch-and-talk ritual

John Wooden on the Assist - Sports and Business Analogy

John Wooden on the Assist

“In basketball one of the…acts that I valued most was the assist—helping a team member to score. The assist in basketball epitomizes Cooperation. The assist is valuable in all organizations, helping someone to do her or his job better. It makes producers out of everyone; it makes everyone feel, ‘We did it ourselves.’” — John Wooden, Wooden

The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Teach Us All About Obstacles

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quite successful over the last few years. They have reached three straight NBA Finals, all against the Golden State Warriors. Though it may sound like it has been an easy road for this team, it has been far from easy. They have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve the

Sports and Business Analogy Content For You the Entrepreneur

From Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Urban Meyer, and More   At SportsEpreneur, we find ideas, thoughts, and motivation in sports that we then use to write about business. It could be about entrepreneurialism, business ownership, productivity, success, starting a new venture, or simply getting back on your feet–among many other topics. There are many incredible

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Patience Learned at a Girls Volleyball Practice in Charlotte

Volleyballs are bouncing everywhere. Girls are laughing. And here I am thinking to myself, through all the chaos of volleyballs and loud noises, about fun and patience. I preach both fun and patience often on this blog, to those in my office, and to myself. Yes, I tell myself things. It’s either that or let

When You Have a Chance to Learn, Take It: Lonzo Ball

As many of you know, Lonzo Ball went second overall to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Draft. There is no other team he and his outspoken dad, Lavar, wanted to play for or learn from. They even declined workouts with other teams because they were “not needed.”   Danny Ainge, General Manager of the

Lessons Learned From the NFL Season So Far

Week Four of the NFL is in the books—wow, that happened fast! We were planning on doing one post per week about what’s going on in College Football and the NFL (and applying the lessons learned to business), but things got busy here, and time sped by. So, our new plan is to just write

The Story About My Summer Internship

This is my story of the summer internship with KazSource, Inc. The company that owns this content platform, SportsEpreneur. -by John Priore   Flash back to the morning of May 8th. My alarm goes off, I wake up, hop in the shower, and start my day. During my hour drive to South Charlotte, I think about my new summer internship with KazSource. What will it be like?

Will You Play Great Even When You Are Losing?

This article was co-written with Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy. You look up at the scoreboard and it reads 42-7. You are down by 35 points going into the 4th quarter. Are you likely to win at this point? No (although you never know–see UCLA). How you play now might not mean a lot for the scoreboard–but

Regaining Momentum: The Carolina Panthers

After their Super Bowl appearance, most people expected the Carolina Panthers to come out strong last year and make another historic run for the Lombardi Trophy. However, that is far from what happened. The team ended up with a 6-10 record.  It’s safe to say the 2016 season was a disappointing year for the Panthers.   There are many ways the team can come back and make 2017

Best Self Development Book I’ve Read

Recently I was honored to be featured among a group of “influencers” and was asked “What is the best self development book you’ve ever read and why is it different from the rest?” Walk down any self development aisle at the book store or better yet, look up the category on Amazon, and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed

Planning Ahead for the NFL Game of the Week

Week 2 of the NFL Season is here! Let’s start planning ahead on our NFL education for the week. As you know, we are all about finding stories in sports and applying it to business. For our game of the week we went with the Sunday night matchup–a rematch of the 2017 NFC Championship game