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McGregor Vs Mayweather And The Story Of Your Business

McGregor vs Mayweather and the Story of Your Business

A look back to the McGregor vs Mayweather fight and the story around it.   The 41-year-old undefeated champion goes up against the egotistical high-energy, fearless UFC fighter and defeats him late in a close-fought match–wait, is this Rocky Balboa vs Hulk Hogan?  No, but yes. If the McGregor vs Mayweather fight felt like something from a

UCLA’s Early Season Comeback Still Teaches An Incredible Lesson

A look back to an incredible game and teaching moment in college football   If you’re a college football fan, you probably watched the game between UCLA and Texas A&M right up through the third quarter…and then went to bed. The score was 44-10, after all–and it was late (on the east coast).   In sports, once the situation looks too dire, fans

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

Dealing with the Silence of College GameDay

by Shane Snively The year Dad died, one of the hardest things to handle was college gameday. Go Bucks!! No texts …. no phone calls …. no laughing about the five-second delay he had on his TV compared to mine, “spoiler alert, Penn State just fumbled!”   Dad was a hybrid Penn State/Ohio State fan, and it was the sit-on-the-couch-and-talk ritual

John Wooden on the Assist - Sports and Business Analogy

John Wooden on the Assist

“In basketball one of the…acts that I valued most was the assist—helping a team member to score. The assist in basketball epitomizes Cooperation. The assist is valuable in all organizations, helping someone to do her or his job better. It makes producers out of everyone; it makes everyone feel, ‘We did it ourselves.’” — John Wooden, Wooden

The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Teach Us All About Obstacles

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quite successful over the last few years. They have reached three straight NBA Finals, all against the Golden State Warriors. Though it may sound like it has been an easy road for this team, it has been far from easy. They have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve the

Sports and Business Analogy Content For You the Entrepreneur

From Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Urban Meyer, and More   At SportsEpreneur, we find ideas, thoughts, and motivation in sports that we then use to write about business. It could be about entrepreneurialism, business ownership, productivity, success, starting a new venture, or simply getting back on your feet–among many other topics. There are many incredible

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Patience Learned at a Girls Volleyball Practice in Charlotte

Volleyballs are bouncing everywhere. Girls are laughing. And here I am thinking to myself, through all the chaos of volleyballs and loud noises, about fun and patience. I preach both fun and patience often on this blog, to those in my office, and to myself. Yes, I tell myself things. It’s either that or let

When You Have a Chance to Learn, Take It: Lonzo Ball

As many of you know, Lonzo Ball went second overall to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Draft. There is no other team he and his outspoken dad, Lavar, wanted to play for or learn from. They even declined workouts with other teams because they were “not needed.”   Danny Ainge, General Manager of the

Lessons Learned From the NFL Season So Far

Week Four of the NFL is in the books—wow, that happened fast! We were planning on doing one post per week about what’s going on in College Football and the NFL (and applying the lessons learned to business), but things got busy here, and time sped by. So, our new plan is to just write

The Story About My Summer Internship

This is my story of the summer internship with KazSource, Inc. The company that owns this content platform, SportsEpreneur. -by John Priore   Flash back to the morning of May 8th. My alarm goes off, I wake up, hop in the shower, and start my day. During my hour drive to South Charlotte, I think about my new summer internship with KazSource. What will it be like?

Will You Play Great Even When You Are Losing?

This article was co-written with Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy. You look up at the scoreboard and it reads 42-7. You are down by 35 points going into the 4th quarter. Are you likely to win at this point? No (although you never know–see UCLA). How you play now might not mean a lot for the scoreboard–but

Regaining Momentum: The Carolina Panthers

After their Super Bowl appearance, most people expected the Carolina Panthers to come out strong last year and make another historic run for the Lombardi Trophy. However, that is far from what happened. The team ended up with a 6-10 record.  It’s safe to say the 2016 season was a disappointing year for the Panthers.   There are many ways the team can come back and make 2017

Best Self Development Book I’ve Read

Recently I was honored to be featured among a group of “influencers” and was asked “What is the best self development book you’ve ever read and why is it different from the rest?” Walk down any self development aisle at the book store or better yet, look up the category on Amazon, and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed

Planning Ahead for the NFL Game of the Week

Week 2 of the NFL Season is here! Let’s start planning ahead on our NFL education for the week. As you know, we are all about finding stories in sports and applying it to business. For our game of the week we went with the Sunday night matchup–a rematch of the 2017 NFC Championship game

What Did We Learn From Week 1 of the NFL Season?

Week 1 of the NFL Season is in the books!  What did we learn? Who disappointed us? And who stood out to us?  Best Game: Broncos 24, Chargers 21 / This game turned out to be a great one. Thanks to two great defensive turnovers in the second half, the Chargers were just a blocked

The Cleveland Indians: How to Take Advantage of a Winning Streak

The Cleveland Indians have just won 22 games in a row. That is not normal. The last time we saw something like this it was the year 2002, when the Oakland A’s won 20 games in a row. Before that, we have to go all the way back to 1935, when the Chicago Cubs had

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This Is Your Business: Offering Help in the Wake of Disaster

(this is a guest post from one of our editors, Caroline Ailanthus) These days, it seems like every week brings a new disaster—or maybe two. Of course, you wish you could do something. As a business leader, you have resources and abilities that most people lack, and you want to be of use. But how?

Find Your Spiderman

As my six-year-old readied herself for bed, she asked if I could stay with her. Bedtime can be a scary time for young children, so usually we lie together for a while. Then she can relax enough to go to sleep. That’s our tradition. But on this day, I couldn’t because my older children needed me.   She said

A Week One NFC East Battle and the Jets at Bills

The NFL season is finally upon us! Time for the best of the best to step onto the field and showcase their talent. The NFL season brings plenty of opportunity to talk smack to friends, cheer on your team, and witness stunning games and plays. From Aaron Rodgers throwing hail marys to Von Miller’s famous

Young Employees (Players) May Perform Well in the Moment

In sports, you hear contradictory things about rookies (young employees) all the time. That they’re great players because they put it all out there—they don’t know enough yet to feel the pressure, don’t realize how much they’re risking. They are out there having fun, living on the edge, and willing to try new things. Or, that rookies

College Football Week One Preview and Review

College Football is here!! We love many sports, but there’s something about College Football that just gets us excited — the passion of the game, the uncertainty of the outcomes, and the banter it creates. It’s all stuff we love! With that, we introduce our Game of the Week Series where we either preview or

Why Great Company Culture Always Wins

As a leader in your business, you are probably thinking about company culture often. I know I do. In my role as founder and CEO of KazSource, culture is the number one aspect of my business I think about, as it impacts literally everything else, from client relationships to the quality of our work, from

Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way of Your Job

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and you’re struggling to breathe—you are experiencing fear. We have all been there. It’s ok, even healthy, to be afraid sometimes. The important thing is to not let it get in the way of your job.   One of the most common fears is failure. I’ve felt it myself, sometimes to the point

Minor League, Major Impact: Charlotte Knights

Minor League, Major Impact: Charlotte Knights

The Charlotte Knights are not a major-league team. They lack the deep resources, the top-notch roster, and the national media coverage of, say, the Chicago White Sox (the major-league team the Knights are affiliated with). But they do play great baseball. And if you live in Charlotte, as we do, you know that the Knights

The Popularity of Productivity Simply Means Time is More Valuable Than Ever

The past five years has seen a staggering number of articles, vlogs, podcasts, books and stories published related to productivity. Searches on Google, within Facebook, or on any other social media platform will return seemingly endless results. Some of it is great, some of it not so great, though most of it has advice that at least some people will find useful.  Productivity means doing more, better, and

Sometimes You Just Need to Change It Up: Dwight Howard and the Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets of the NBA have been stuck in mediocre purgatory for the last few years. They have been on the brink of the playoffs, but never quite over the edge. The team is not bad enough to get a top-three draft pick, but not good enough to compete for a championship, either. It’s a rough spot. How are the Hornets going to get out

Focus on Your Game

This Is the Golf Way. Focus. You and three of your friends tee off on the first hole. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You don’t get to play with these guys often, but today you get to spent four hours or so together on this incredible course.   The first three golfers all hit great shots. Each one does better than

Think Strategically About Your Employees: The Example of Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants are going to have to think carefully about Odell Beckham Jr.  On the one hand, based on the quality of his performance, Beckham is one of the most underpaid players in football. That’s because, while his compensation is fine for a rookie, he doesn’t play like a rookie—he’s producing like a top-five receiver. He

Who Is Your Under the Radar All-Star in Your Business?

As the MLB All Star Game came and went, fans were busy choosing players to appear in the game. Being named an all- star is a great honor, of course, and there are a lot of players who clearly deserve it.  But sometimes the guy who gets the nod is not who everybody expects.  For the New York Mets, this

Building Your Brand: The Chicago Cubs

In today’s world, everybody wants everything now–fast food, fast money, and fast accomplishment. However, that’s not always the way it works. The Chicago Cubs, for example, are best known for going 108 years without a championship.   And then they finally won.  In 2011, the team started one of the most successful rebuilds in the history of sports. First, they signed Theo Epstein as president of baseball operations. Epstein