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Perspective Can Take You a Long Way

Just Ask the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team   As an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, nothing in sports nauseates me more than having to say something good about Michigan. Usually, of course, I don’t have to. Ohio State gives me plenty to write about on SportsEpreneur. I’ve used stories about the Buckeyes to write about perception,

3 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Commodity

It’s easy to become a commodity—where everyone looks to beat you up on price or spread. But if you follow these 3 ways, you will not be a commodity anymore. 1) Say NO! This is the most important one. You must have a willingness to say no. If someone wants your product or service for

entrepreneur conference

Before You Become An Entrepreneur, Read This

Last year I attended an entrepreneurial conference in Charleston, SC (great conference by the way, check it out here). During the event, I had a chance to interact with entrepreneurs, self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, and many people looking for money (err I mean asking for money) and employees. The questions from the audience were often people that

New York Furniture Expo

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How a Key Employee Can Have Major Impact | SportsEpreneur Content

How a Key Employee Can Have Major Impact

An Ohio State Key Employee Shows Us How Recently, friends have been asking me if I’d seen this ESPN article about a graphic artist who works for Ohio State. I mean, a lot of people have been recommending this article to me, and now that I’ve read it, I can see why; I love this

The Magic Johnson Plan: Let People Do Their Jobs

And Why You Should Too   Magic Johnson was recently hired to be the next President of Basketball Operations of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, anytime we get to hear from the legends of the 80’s and 90’s is a win in my book, but more than that, I like what Magic Johnson said in

4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Uncertain Future in Business

And Learning from NASCAR’s Recent Decline in Business   NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the country. They often pull in over 100,000 fans to a single event. For comparison, an NBA basketball game might pull in 18,000-20,000 fans on a given night. NASCAR has sponsors like no other. Sponsors on the

3 Ways to Deal With a Setback

3 Ways to Deal With a Setback

The text said, “call me”. Instantly, I knew something wasn’t right. I figured it wasn’t anything tragic, but bad news nonetheless. I called my wife, who told me she was on her way to our son’s school. Mason had broken his wrist while playing soccer in PE. Now, kids break limbs daily. With three kids,

Social Media Branding Works, Just Ask Coach John Calipari

When I talk with business owners, I hear the same complaint over and over; they can’t find young talent. And when they do find somebody promising to interview, it seems (in their eyes at least) that the candidates spend too much time online using social media. These businesspeople don’t understand social media. They have no

Kevin Durant’s Injury is Proof that You Just Never Know

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors were just cruising along through the season. They had the best record, the most all-stars, and the highest hope for a championship of any NBA team. And then a weird thing happened; Kevin Durant sprained his MCL during a game against the Washington Wizards. Sure, the Warriors might

Play the Ball Where It Lies, in Golf and in Business

You hit what feels like your best drive of the year down the par five 8th fairway that bends to the right. The ball takes that perfect bounce, setting you up for an opportunity to go for the green in two. Those you are playing with all give the wow, great shot kudos. You feel

Where Do I Even Start With Social Media?

Social Media can be fun. It can also be time consuming, confusing and downright frustrating. And with the addition of more social media platforms everyday it has become overwhelming. Not to mention, each platform changes so much it is hard to even keep track. People are telling you to get your business on social media

Charlotte Technology Company Proves that Doing the Little Things Leads to Big Things

Charlotte Technology Company Proves Little Things Matter

There I was, enjoying my Sunday morning coffee on the couch in my Charlotte, NC home. This doesn’t happen often. With 3 kids, there is usually much to do. But on this morning, they were all at a sleepover, so I had some time off. What to do? I decided to check up on the

How Entrepreneurship is Changing

A hundred years ago, starting a business was a lot less complicated. There was no need for an EIN and there was no need to understand countless regulations relevant to your business. Purchasing multiple types of insurance and acquiring licenses was not necessary. And let’s not forget the ever growing list of other items you

Video: The Strip Sack That Started the New England Patriots Comeback

Super Bowl 51     Super Bowl 51 was an instant classic. What seemed like a blowout for sure, turned into a most unlikely ending. We feel awful for the Atlanta Falcons and their fans, but those involved with calling the plays late in the game deserve blame. This week’s video features the strip sack

3 Uses for Patience in Golf and Business

I remember one summer evening in Charlotte, looking toward the 2nd hole with my then five-year-old daughter, waiting to take a shot at the green. There is a three-some in front of us, but I’m quite relaxed and in no rush. I am with my daughter, the weather is great, and we have snacks. We

A Message to Atlanta Falcons Fans

Dear Atlanta Falcons Fans, What an incredible season you just had. One of the best offenses the NFL has ever had, an MVP quarterback, a division crown, two playoff games where you beat up on the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers…and those aren’t just any teams–these are perennial powers. And a shot at the

Video: Villanova Buzzer-Beater

  At work, in the office and in business we like to talk about sports, especially the recent and upcoming games. So let’s do that at This idea of talking about actual sporting events will evolve, but to keep it simple, this will be a website you, the entrepreneur, can visit to check out awesome

The Cleveland Indians Show Us It’s Time to Get Back to Work

So, your team lost. Time to wallow in your sorrows, feel sorry for yourself, for the fans, for the team. Then what? What do you do after you take the time to feel bad? Get back to work. This is not the first time we’ve discussed the pain of losing and the process of bouncing

Listening Skills: Do You Hear Jimi Hendrix?

White Men Can’t Jump was an iconic 90’s movie about street basketball. For this post, we are going to pull out and really look at this one line we’ve paraphrased below: “You listen to Jimi Hendrix, but you don’t hear Jimi.” We aren’t going to dissect the meaning of every word in this line, but

Be that Champion for Your Family by Protecting Their Future

In sports, we crown champions when they win their league. Most recently, the Clemson Tigers won the championship in college football. In the real world, there are many ways to be a champion. Responsible mothers and fathers are champions, in our book. Part of being a responsible parent is to create a legacy for your

Why You Should Keep Shooting When It Comes to Sales

In basketball, a valuable player who is missing a lot of shots is often told to keep shooting. Because eventually, the rough patch will end. Last March, before March Madness took off, we talked about the 6 ways to get on a hot streak. Now with college basketball back in full swing, it’s a great

Get Back to the Heart of Your Business

Get Back to the Heart of Your Business

There I was, twelve-year-old, gangly me on February 24, 1976, in my Ft. Bragg house, sitting at my kitchen table finishing up my math homework—when my father, a military man, walks in and says, “get in the car. We are going to Raleigh to see UNC versus NC State.” What was a regular Tuesday afternoon

Motivate Your Team: Lose on Purpose

as proven by the Coach of the 1992 Dream Team Lose on purpose? Have I completely lost it? Some might say I have, but stay with me here. I’m talking about a way to motivate your team. It’s not going to work for everybody—no one thing does—and you have to stay true to yourself and

The Clemson Tigers Show Us How to Respond

The Clemson Tigers Show Us How to Respond | AGAIN!

Congratulations to the 2016 & 2018 College Football Champion, Clemson Tigers. Update: January 8, 2019  The Clemson Tigers have yet again shown us how to respond. In 2017, they lost in convincing fashion in the college football playoff semi-final to Alabama. As we explore in this article, they once again show us how to respond.

5 Reasons Why a Big Loss May Be a Big Win

As Seen Through a Big Loss by the Ohio State Buckeyes   It happens—a bad day at the office, a bad meeting, a lost case. In football, you might lose 31-0 on a big stage, as the Ohio State Buckeyes just did. The game was miserable to watch (if you are a Buckeye fan). Losing

Why Taking Advantage of Luck Matters Most

in sports and in business   We are at a point in the football season where people like to say this or that team got lucky—that So-and-So wouldn’t have won the game if not for this and that. Sometimes it’s an insult, a way to dismiss somebody’s achievement. Sometimes it’s just a way to have

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

As sports fans, we start every season with a minimal-at-best chance of watching our beloved teams win their respective championships. Take the Buffalo Bills, for example—they’ve never won the Super Bowl. That’s a zero percent success rate. Or say you’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan for the past 50 years. Your team has won it

Is Success Earned?

The Committee for the College Football Playoff announced the four teams that will participate in this years’ playoff. You can bet that certain people—the players, fans, athletic directors, and coaches of some of the other teams—are pretty angry right now. They think the chance should have been theirs. Are they right? Ideally, success is earned.

5 Reasons Home Field Matters in Sports and In Business

In sports, we often talk about home field advantage. Of course, players prefer to sleep in their own beds and to play in front of their own fans. And playing at home really does confer an advantage as far as who wins. But what does this have to do with business? How does being on