Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media
Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

A Smile Costs You Nothing

Welcome back to Buckeye Focused podcast, Season 2! In this episode, Eric and Nate dive into the power of a simple smile and how it can have a profound impact on our daily interactions. Through discussing the Golden Rule and the benefits of limiting social media usage, they provide practical tips on how to maintain a positive mindset and increase productivity. Of course, it wouldn’t be Buckeye Focused without a touch of college football talk. Join us for an insightful and entertaining discussion on how a small change in perspective can make a big difference.

Always remember: a smile costs you nothing

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St. Eds | Getting off Social MediaThe Last Dance documentary | The Golden Rule | Social Media | Control Your Feed | From The Players podcast | The Social Dilemma documentary | Justin Fields | CJ Stroud

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  • Nate played for the Buckeyes mostly under Coach Jim Tressel between 2007-2011. | LinkedIn
  • Eric is the founder of KazSource, Inc, and the creator of this platform, SE | LinkedIn | Twitter

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