Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media
Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

Just Drop Down and Do 10 Pushups Right Now | Take Action

Contemplating about taking the action most often ends up in not taking the action at all. Instead of overthinking, take action, now! We all lack motivation sometimes, but accept the responsibility — go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, start a podcast, whatever, but do it now! You will feel better and you’ll thank yourself later. Actually, just drop down and do 10 pushups right now.

In this episode, we continue our talk on the transfer portal, the College Football Playoffs, NIL subscriptions, mental health, motivation, and the ever-changing landscape of college football.

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Other topics from the episode, “Just Drop Down and Do 10 Pushups Right Now”:

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