Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media
Buckeye Focused podcast by SportsE Media

Why Do Biased Fans, Media, and Gurus Think CJ Stroud is Terrible?

College football seems to be overanalyzed more than every other sport! So what’s left to do besides analyze the analyzers?! CJ Stroud is terrible. That’s what Buckeye haters, media folks, and even some so-called gurus will have you thinking. Is it true? Is it fair? In this episode of Buckeye Focused we discuss CJ Stroud, stepping into a throw, the evolution of the quarterback position, and dealing with the outside noise.

We also get into:

  • The debacle that is Iowa Football–offensively speaking. The Iowa defense is strong.
  • Should Iowa fire their offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz
  • Jim Tressel and his statement on leaving the program
  • Are there concerns with Ohio State’s running game
  • Zach Harrison and his statement game vs Iowa
  • Defending a pocket passer that suddenly runs the ball
  • The upcoming Penn State game (OSU -15.5 and o/u 61.5)
  • Ohio State hate — why so hurtful?!

As always, Buckeye Focused is hosted by former Ohio State Buckeye, Nate Oliver (IG). And Eric Kasimov (Twitter).

Nate played for the Buckeyes mostly under Coach Jim Tressel between 2007-2011.

Eric is the founder of KazSource, Inc, and the creator of this platform, SportsE+.

Topics and more for Buckeye Focused 9 | Why Do Biased Fans, Media, and Gurus Think CJ Stroud is Terrible?

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