BUCKEYE FOCUSED 4 | Jimmie Bell: "I Got the Courage to Start Over"
BUCKEYE FOCUSED 4 | Jimmie Bell: "I Got the Courage to Start Over"

Jimmie Bell: “I Got the Courage to Start Over” | Buckeye Focused 4

This is the kind of conversation that has a lasting impact. Jimmie Bell (JB) has had this effect on people for years, but before he started affecting others, he had to get real himself. As a defensive lineman at Ohio State, Jimmie Bell was on the wrong track. As he said, “I was useless to the program.” And then he had a moment and now a story he shared in this episode that led to this:

“I got the courage to start over from the beginning to be who I was.”

Jimmie Bell deserves to be heard–more importantly, he needs to be heard. And we hope you will listen to what JB has to say. We promise you will be impacted by this conversation no matter your background.

While this is “Buckeye Focused”, a buckeye here and a buckeye there spawned this conversation. But this conversation goes way beyond football and buckeyes. I’ve always said “sports bring people together” and this conversation screams that.

More about Jimmie Bell:

Football: Ohio State Defensive Lineman, 1997 Rose Bowl Champion, 1999 New York Giants, 2000 San Diego Chargers

TEDx Talk: Invincible Currency; Better Than a Trophy | TEDxHilliard

Belpre High School Football Coach

Buckeye information

Connect with JB: Facebook | Twitter

It wouldn’t be a Buckeye Focused podcast if we didn’t talk about the big game. And for this week it is the Wisconsin Badgers visiting Columbus, Ohio for a blackout game. Jimmie talks about toughness, running the football, style of play, and Big Ten football.

Game predictions:

Jimmie Bell: OSU | UW

Nate Oliver: OSU | UW

Eric Kasimov: OSU 38 | UW 17

Enjoy today’s show featuring former Ohio State Buckeye, Nate Oliver (IG). Former Buckeye, Jimmie Bell (Facebook), and Eric Kasimov (Twitter).

Nate played for the Buckeyes mostly under Coach Jim Tressel between 2007-2011. Nate is the Director of Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program at The Ohio State University.

JB: “Consider not focusing on what I do, but use what I do to inspire YOU to do ALL YOU can do.” speaker, life and football coach, author, consultant

Eric is the founder of KazSource, Inc, a dynamic company managing a portfolio of brands and projects in the areas of content, podcasting, production, sports, mental health, insurance, and ventures.

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