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THE BUFFALONIAN PODCAST 3 | Bills Beat Super Bowl Champs!

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We’re excited to feature a Buffalo sports podcast, because well, is there anything better than Buffalo sports 😬?!

The Bills just took down the defending Super Bowl champions. The Buffalo Sabres have news — cause, after all, it’s almost hockey season. And we get into some trivia and The Buffalonian Podcast wouldn’t be complete without some delicious hot takes!

Joe, Dominic, and Michael (well just Joe and Dom for this episode) are the awesome hosts of The Buffalonian Podcast. And here they are with this third episode of season 2. To access the season one archive, simply go to your favorite podcast player. But for now, we must move forward. We’ve put No Goal and 13 seconds behind us (not really) and we bring you The Buffalonian Podcast!

Bills Beat Super Bowl Champs | EPISODE 3 ON APPLE PODCASTS

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