SE+ Perspective | Your Sporting Career Is Over: What Now?

SE+ Perspective | Your Sporting Career Is Over: What Now?

It is September after your senior year. You graduated a few months earlier, started a job, and moved to a new city. You have settled into your new life, but one thing is missing: a new athletic season. Getting suited up to step out on the field or court, or dive into the pool is … Read more

SE Perspective | 5 Misconceptions About College Athletic Scholarships

Misconceptions About College Athletic Scholarships | SE

A lot of misinformation is spread about college athletics, particularly surrounding scholarships. For an athlete interested in playing a sport at the collegiate level, it is essential to understand every aspect of athletic scholarships before beginning conversations with coaches. That way, you know what to expect once you get into the process. Here are five … Read more

SE Perspective | Navigating the NIL World as an International Student-Athlete

SE Perspective | Navigating the NIL World as an International Student-Athlete

July 1, 2021 marked a massive shift in the collegiate athletic landscape. After countless calls over the past decade for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to revise its outdated amateurism rules, its Division I Board of Directors approved an interim Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy. The amendment allows college athletes nationwide to now … Read more

The Content Series | Content Is The New Credit Check

content is the new credit check

Your content is how individuals decide if they will work with you. It’s the new credit check. When you apply for financing, like a business loan or a credit card or a mortgage, the information you provide on the front-end may pre-qualify you—but you don’t actually have the mortgage yet. So close, yet so far. … Read more

Athletes are Human Too | Marcus Rashford to Roberto Baggio

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

Despite the pandemic we are suffering worldwide, we have managed to enjoy a magnificent UEFA European Championship, crowning a team that had not given their fans that particular joy for a long time. But I want to talk specifically about the final game between England and Italy. It was a match that from the beginning … Read more

The Mental Health Crisis In Sports

When it comes to our favorite athletes, the pedestal we place them on oftentimes makes them seem superhuman. We only see them on the field or on the court as our entertainment. But it’s time to start recognizing these athletes as humans first. Naomi, French Open, and Mental Health Crisis in Sports When Naomi Osaka … Read more