Hurdles in Life and Business

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

I played a lot of sports growing up.  I just loved the thrill of competition and the mental and physical challenges.  Out of all the sports I played, soccer was my favorite, but I had the most success with track (which I loved, too). I started out as a pure sprinter, but then switched to … Read more

Time Away: Use It or Lose It

Time. It’s Kind of a Big Deal. Does it ever seem like you just don’t have enough time? Maybe you have projects you want to work on, but don’t get to. Maybe you have career goals that need more time than you have to invest. Maybe you’d like to read a book, but you think … Read more

Sometimes It Just Takes Two

Duos work because sometimes, it just takes two Simon needed Garfunkle. Jerry needed George. Jack needed Jill. And to finish on a sports duo, Shaq needed Kobe (and vice versa). What does all of this matter? Sales, projects, getting work done, that’s why it matters. If you’re on a project by yourself, it’s all yours, … Read more

Entrepreneurs, Protect Your Downside

It’s not about living in fear. It’s about minimizing risk. Protect your downside. We love helping entrepreneurs build stuff. But we hate watching something someone has built fall down. And a lot of collapses don’t have to happen—if a couple of steps had just been taken…. To get what I’m saying, imagine designing a literal, … Read more

The Economics of Sports in Cleveland

A look into how the economics of sports in Cleveland impact and create business   Normally, we think of sports as an opportunity for working people to step away from the craziness of everyday life and relax. But what about when your work is related to sports? We often talk about sports as an analogy … Read more

Instagram is a Must for Your Business

Instagram is the One Social Network Every Entrepreneur Should Use   Instagram is the number one way today we engage with our audience for SportsEpreneur. It consists of distribution of content, replying to comments, researching other great content, direct messaging, and overall branding. It’s one of the best tools available for social media. It works … Read more

Sports and Business Analogy Content For You the Entrepreneur

From Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Urban Meyer, and More   At SportsEpreneur, we find ideas, thoughts, and motivation in sports that we then use to write about business. It could be about entrepreneurialism, business ownership, productivity, success, starting a new venture, or simply getting back on your feet–among many other topics. There are many incredible … Read more

The Side Hustle Is Real and You Can Do It Too

Are you in a job you don’t love? Do you think you were destined for more? Do you complain about your job, but lack the financial resources to quit? Turns out, there is something you can do about it: hustle. Hustle while you work. Be an entrepreneur mornings, lunches, evenings, and weekends. Earn enough so … Read more

3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Differentiate Themselves

Readers have been asking our perspective on specific niche businesses. We continue this series (we looked at restaurants in vacation destinations in the 1st article) with the business of residential real estate. Low interest rates, an economy doing well, cities growing fast–it all sounds perfect for real estate. But there are only so many deals … Read more

Why Did You Open a Restaurant in a Carolina Vacation Destination?

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

As we receive feedback from our audience, we are asked about how we would go about doing certain activities in specific niche businesses. So we will take these questions and create articles for you. Here is the 1st one on why did you open a restaurant in a Carolina vacation destination. Something we have witnessed … Read more