Charlotte Developments: The River District, Ballantyne, and SouthPark

Charlotte Developments: The River District, Ballantyne, and SouthPark | SportsEpreneur

In the vibrant tapestry of American cities, few have experienced the remarkable transformation that Charlotte, North Carolina, has undergone in recent years. Once a modest regional hub, the Queen City has blossomed into a thriving metropolis, its skyline punctuated by gleaming towers and its streets abuzz with energy and opportunity. As the city continues to … Read more

Curated Feel-Good Stories From the Charlotte Sports World

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Charlotte has got a lot–of good. Watching the news can be so depressing. It’s important to stay informed. If you don’t know what’s going on out there, how can you help? But on the other hand, if you’re depressed and discouraged all the time, it’s hard to help with much of anything. So, what is … Read more

Charlotte Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

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Charlotte Business Opportunities Keep The Queen City Going I live in Charlotte, NC, and I can literally see the growth of my city every time I look out my office window—there are more cars on Providence Road than there used to be, and it seems like the traffic gets worse every day.    I could complain about … Read more

This Charlotte Business Owner Focuses On One Case at a Time

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And it works! For this Charlotte Business Owner at least. We all want to get as much done as possible. It would seem that the more things we do at once, the better our chance of getting more done, but studies have shown that multi-tasking has a negative impact on productivity. Now, no two minds are alike, and if having multiple things happening at … Read more

The 3 Feelings in Sports and Entrepreneurship

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A story about playing in the game of sports and entrepreneurship. I sat in the gym on a Saturday morning listening to the Yes I Can coaches in Charlotte, North Carolina give a motivational speech to the nine-and-under basketball team. The game had been close, but these kids had lost, and they felt terrible. The … Read more

Patience Learned at a Girls Volleyball Practice in Charlotte

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Volleyballs are bouncing everywhere. Girls are laughing. And here I am thinking to myself, through all the chaos of volleyballs and loud noises, about fun and patience. I preach both fun and patience often on this blog, to those in my office, and to myself. Yes, I tell myself things. It’s either that or let … Read more

Regaining Momentum: The Carolina Panthers

After their Super Bowl appearance, most people expected the Carolina Panthers to come out strong last year and make another historic run for the Lombardi Trophy. However, that is far from what happened. The team ended up with a 6-10 record.  It’s safe to say the 2016 season was a disappointing year for the Panthers.   There are many ways the team can come back and make 2017 … Read more

Minor League, Major Impact: Charlotte Knights

Minor League, Major Impact: Charlotte Knights

The Charlotte Knights are not a major-league team. They lack the deep resources, the top-notch roster, and the national media coverage of, say, the Chicago White Sox (the major-league team the Knights are affiliated with). But they do play great baseball. And if you live in Charlotte, as we do, you know that the Knights … Read more

Sometimes You Just Need to Change It Up: Dwight Howard and the Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets of the NBA have been stuck in mediocre purgatory for the last few years. They have been on the brink of the playoffs, but never quite over the edge. The team is not bad enough to get a top-three draft pick, but not good enough to compete for a championship, either. It’s a rough spot. How are the Hornets going to get out … Read more

Charlotte Technology Company Proves Little Things Matter

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There I was, enjoying my Sunday morning coffee on the couch in my Charlotte, NC home. This doesn’t happen often. With 3 kids, there is usually much to do. But on this morning, they were all at a sleepover, so I had some time off. What to do? I decided to check up on the … Read more