SE Remastered | Tom Murphy of the Seattle Mariners

Tom Murphy | Catcher | Seattle Mariners

Hard work and effort. Sounds easy. Sounds boring. Tom Murphy, catcher for the Seattle Mariners proves it is anything but easy and boring. Any ball player and any individual looking for a calming and inspiring influence would do well to watch how Tom carries himself on and off the field. In an effort to amplify … Read more

Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii

Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii | SE Podcast

It’s time we start normalizing mental health in sports. And this podcast episode featuring Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Lisa Bonta Sumii, is one piece of content that attempts to do just that. There are many conversations about mental health taking place in and around the world of sports. More is needed–so we will continue … Read more

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism | SportsEpreneur Content

When you wake up in the morning, do you know what is going to happen? I don’t mean do you have a schedule or a plan, I mean do you really know for sure what the day holds? Of course, you don’t. Does not knowing bother you? Or is it exciting? I started thinking about … Read more

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

As sports fans, we start every season with a minimal-at-best chance of watching our beloved teams win their respective championships. Take the Buffalo Bills, for example—they’ve never won the Super Bowl. That’s a zero percent success rate. Or say you’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan for the past 50 years. Your team has won it … Read more

Sports Bring People Together

Sports Bring People Together

Now more than ever we need activities that bring us closer. Sports Bring People Together. On this site, we use sports to create metaphors for business. Maybe that sounds a little strange since the two don’t normally go together. If you’re not a sports fan yourself, you might even be wondering why sports? What’s so … Read more