Finite Games Provide Lessons to the Infinite

Finite Games Provide Lessons to the Infinite | SportsEpreneur Content

What can finite games like sports teach us about business? A game (say a football game) has a winner and a loser. It’s finite. Meaning “having bounds or limits” as defined by Even if we drag the game out over an entire season, it’s still finite. One team wins. Other teams lose. But if … Read more

Time Away: Use It or Lose It

Time. It’s Kind of a Big Deal. Does it ever seem like you just don’t have enough time? Maybe you have projects you want to work on, but don’t get to. Maybe you have career goals that need more time than you have to invest. Maybe you’d like to read a book, but you think … Read more

Sometimes It Just Takes Two

Duos work because sometimes, it just takes two Simon needed Garfunkle. Jerry needed George. Jack needed Jill. And to finish on a sports duo, Shaq needed Kobe (and vice versa). What does all of this matter? Sales, projects, getting work done, that’s why it matters. If you’re on a project by yourself, it’s all yours, … Read more

The NFL Draft and Finding People to Fit Into Your Corporate Culture

Businesses, like an NFL team, have their ways to find individuals to fit their corporate culture The NFL Draft has become quite the spectacle. The hype, the rumors, the talent, the show. All of it is about finding not only an incredible talent but talent that will mesh well with a team’s culture. Either the … Read more

Top 10 Hacks to Genuinely Increase Your Twitter Following

inside scoop: I use all of these Twitter following hacks myself There are many ways to fluff your Twitter following. Just like there are many ways to cheat in golf. Neither gets you anywhere so why do it? Here are 10 Hacks to build your Twitter following with people that will actually engage with you! … Read more

3 Ways to Simplify Your Evernote Experience

Evernote is simply one of the best tools you can access Evernote—one of the most useful personal organization tools I have ever seen–can become a messy closet real quick if you let it. The good news is there’s an easy fix. Evernote right out of the box is pure potential. To activate that potential, you … Read more

Systems: 1 Way to Mimic the NFL Using Evernote Scannable

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

Evernote Scannable – A tool I couldn’t do without When you’re watching an NFL game, ever notice the quarterback and offensive coordinator on the sidelines talking…and they’re both looking at something? That something is a tablet. Technology makes transferring and reviewing information simpler, faster, and more efficient—and that’s what you want, in both sports and … Read more