SE68 | Fanalyze the Game with Juan Juan

Fanalyze the Game with co-founder, Juan Juan | A SportsEpreneur Podcast

Fanalyze states that on average, fantasy sports research per player accounts for 10 hours per week! That’s mind-blowing. Fanalyze aims to simplify and shorten the time spent analyzing the sports data. Simply put, Fanalyze is the fastest way to analyze fantasy sports and sports betting data. Juan Juan, the co-founder, says Fanalyze aims to be … Read more

SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell

Podcast SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell | App State Soccer Team

Sports and business collide at the collegiate level. A conversation all about Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) with the founder of UREPZ, C. Brett Harrell. Brett Harrell is a marketer, creator, and founder. He has a passion for collegiate athletics and the world around these college athletes. As a former student-athlete himself, playing soccer at App State University, … Read more

SE65 | Founders Therapy Session with Matt Wunderli

Personalizing the platform. An entrepreneurial mindset conversation with the Co-Host of the Founders Therapy Podcast, Matt Wunderli. Matt is the epitome of the word entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Publisher Arts and other startups. Publisher Arts is a media science company. As they say, analytics at the core of digital transformation. Matt is also an … Read more

SE64 | Discussing The Beauty of Soccer and Competition with Danny Nessim

SportsE+ Podcast Cover

An episode all about the beauty of sports and competition featuring Danny Nessim, Founder & Owner of A&C Management, a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm. We discuss the beauty of soccer, the power of competition, and Super Bowl XXV. We had the opportunity to host Danny on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast where Eric and … Read more

SE63 | The Psychology of a Goalkeeper with Lee Robinson

The Psychology of a Goalkeeper with Lee Robinson | SportsEpreneur

An episode all about the psychology of a goalkeeper featuring Lee Robinson, of The Modern Day GK. We discuss what it takes to be an outstanding goalkeeper. Lee talks about the mentality of a goalkeeper, how talent is not solely the way to stand out, and why it’s important to focus on skills and mindset … Read more

SE62 | FitLight | Sports Tech Innovation with Alana D’Andrade

FitLight | Sports Tech Innovation with Alana D’Andrade

Move. Measure. Motivate. In this episode, we feature Alana D’Andrade, Managing Director at FitLight Training. Alana shares knowledge around improving tech in sports training, stepping up your game as an athlete, and connecting the dots in business.   FitLight is a speed and cognitive training system that is designed to completely transform the way we exercise, … Read more

SE61 | Ged Doughton | Make the First Easy Pass and the UNC Tar Heels

You’ve got great talent around you, just make the first easy pass and move. In this episode, we feature Ged Doughton, the last UNC Tar Heels basketball player to wear number 23 before Michael Jordan. Ged shares his stories around making the first easy pass, good habits, and the power of practice.  Ged played for … Read more