The Power of Conversation

Buckeye Focused Podcast

In this thought-provoking episode, Eric and Nate Oliver engage in a heartfelt dialogue about the power of conversation, the importance of perspective, sharing our personal stories, and the role of reflection in personal growth. During the podcast, Nate Oliver shares the valuable lessons and experiences he gained during his time at Ohio State. He reflects … Read more

Ally Miklesh & Sydney Strelow: Wisconsin Softball Stars | From The Players E8

FROM THE PLAYERS - Presented by SportsEpreneur

Wisconsin Softball Stars. Small Town, No Probelm. In this episode of From The Players, we explore the inspiring journeys of Wisconsin natives and exceptional Wisconsin softball players, Sydney Strelow and Ally Miklesh. Discover how they (and host Sydney Supple) all transitioned from their small-town Wisconsin upbringings to excelling at the highest collegiate level. This empowering conversation … Read more

A Smile Costs You Nothing

Buckeye Focused Podcast

Welcome back to Buckeye Focused podcast, Season 2! In this episode, Eric and Nate dive into the power of a simple smile and how it can have a profound impact on our daily interactions. Through discussing the Golden Rule and the benefits of limiting social media usage, they provide practical tips on how to maintain … Read more

Sports& with Jesse Marsh: Episode 1 | Delson Training

Sports& with Jesse Marsh

Delson Training: Inside the World of a Professional Basketball Skills Trainer Sports& presents a conversation with professional basketball skills trainer, Delson Fleurmond, founder of Delson Training — a professional basketball skills training company. In this episode, Jesse Marsh and Delson Fleurmond talk about: Delson’s journey from Haiti to Elizabeth, New Jersey how he started playing … Read more