Applying the Kick Return Game to Business

Applying the Kick Return Game to Business | SportsEpreneur | Matthews, NC

Where you start matters because starting ahead gives you better odds for success. Football is not an exact science, but I’ve heard both players and coaches say that there’s a close relationship between where a team starts after a kickoff and the odds of scoring on that drive. For example, if an offensive team starts … Read more

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story

Making a Positive Impact: A Columbus Crew Story | SportsEpreneur

Passionate and positive fans can make a difference. The Columbus Crew staying home proves that. Soccer is not a major professional sport in the United States, though it’s enormous internationally, but Americans still follow and play the game. And when we do, we often get passionately involved.    Which brings me to the Columbus Crew. My son and … Read more

Curated Feel Good Tweets from the World of Sports

Curated Feel Good Tweets from the World of Sports | SportsEpreneur

Hop on Twitter at any moment and you are bound to find a lot happening. Twitter can be a great place. For many, Twitter has a toxic feel. There’s hate, agendas, bad mouthing–it’s all enough to make you move to the next app on your phone. But there’s so much good happening in Twitter–and in … Read more

Dabo Did the Right Thing

Dabo did the right thing | SportsEpreneur | Clemson Tigers

Dabo Swinney, Head Coach of the Clemson Tigers Made a Major Decision that Shook College Football Update: January 8, 2019 With the Clemson Tigers winning the College Football National Championship, Dabo Swinney has proved that his mid-season decision to change quarterbacks was the right move. Many fans and non-fans questioned this move when it happened. Not … Read more

Young Professionals: Sam Darnold

Young Professionals: Sam Darnold | SportsEpreneur

If you know me, you know two things: one, I am a rookie in the business world; and two, I am a die-hard New York Jets fan.    If you know anything about the New York Jets, you know that they have been tough to watch for some time now. Part of that has had … Read more

The Game of Interviewing

The Game of Interviewing

Interviewing and the game of football have many parallels. A guest post from Gino Trapani, an executive search and recruiting professional. This is my favorite time of year. The weather’s great, the sun is shining…and football season is here. As a football fan, there’s no better time than this; when the excitement for the season hits … Read more

Pretend It’s The Championship

Pretend It’s The Championship | SportsEpreneur Motivation

As my daughter, Chloe, gets ready for basketball camp, she looks at me and says, “Daddy, you know how I get myself to play hard? I pretend it’s the championship.” If that didn’t give me insight! I’ve always felt the best advice can be so simple, stuff right in front of us. How do you … Read more

What Coaching Little League Baseball Taught Me About Leadership

What Coaching Little League Baseball Taught Me About Leadership That Can Be Applied Anywhere

This article about coaching little league baseball is a guest post by Gino Trapani. Gino was recently a guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. You can find that episode here. I recently wrapped up my third year of coaching little league baseball. The final game and end-of-season pizza party is always a mixed bag of … Read more

World Cup Lesson #3: Bad Start

World Cup Lesson #3: Bad Start

Colombia vs Japan, and it’s the first World Cup match for both teams. The long wait is over. The practice, the strategy, the buildup…it’s all in the past now. Now it’s time to play.  One minute of gameplay, then two, then three. And then—  A handball. The ref calls it intentional. It’s in the box. That … Read more