Building Your Brand: A 4-part Series / College Football Shows Us How

Building your Brand: A 4-part Series / College Football Shows Us How boise state tcu fiesta bowl

It seems like every year we see a blue chip program, a college football team everyone expects to win, beaten by a relative unknown. How is this possible? The public just didn’t recognize the second team’s brand. People like what they know—that doesn’t mean unknown teams can’t be any good. It all is a part … Read more

Game Plan – Or Lose!

Game Plan - Or Lose! - SportsEpreneur

In the previous post we talked about Knowing the Playbook. Now is the time to prepare for the big game. You show up to the meeting with your perfect potential customer. He is so excited to see you–how great is this? You can’t wait. He sits you down in the conference room. You small-talk with … Read more

Know the Playbook – or Else!

Know the Playbook - or Else! - SportsEpreneur

NFL and College Football seasons are underway. That means players across the country have been studying their playbooks. Some are more complicated than others, but all are essential—they explain not just what to do but why, and how the plan might change on the fly with just a nod or a hand signal. Show up on … Read more