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This Charlotte Business Owner Focuses On One Case at a Time

And it works! For this Charlotte Business Owner at least.

We all want to get as much done as possible. It would seem that the more things we do at once, the better our chance of getting more done, but studies have shown that multi-tasking has a negative impact on productivity. Now, no two minds are alike, and if having multiple things happening at once works for you, I’m not here to tell you to change. But if you’re wondering if maybe multitasking isn’t for you, you may be right.  

In my line of work as a life insurance brokerage underwriter, I receive files to review. Some files are small, many files are large. I need to remove all the clutter from my mind in order to focus on the file in front of me. If I don’t, there’s a risk of missing an important line that can change the outcome of a case. When we are talking about life insurance coverage for an individual, no detail can be spared. 

I always say my most important case is the one in front of me. That doesn’t mean the case I just finished or the case I will review next isn’t important—it’s just that my entire focus and all my energy goes into the case in front of me. This rigorous focus on one thing at a time does  four things for me: 

1. It keeps me relaxed 

2. It allows me to avoid mistakes 

3. It provides clarity 

4. It leads to the best results 

I apply the principle of one thing at a time in all I do. If you see me at a Carolina Panthers game, you will see me in my Panther gear watching the Panthers, thinking about the Panthers, and rooting for the Panthers. My focus is on the game. If I am at home with my wife—well, you get the idea. It’s how I live my life.  

Excuse while I move on from this article and go focus on the next thing. 


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