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ClutchTimeout | Steve Lavin | Leading From Inside the Huddle

Inside the huddle with one of college basketball’s finest, Steve Lavin. We hear stories from Lavin on his days coaching The UCLA Bruins and St. Johns University to being an analyst with Fox Sports and CBS Turner. In this episode, Steve Lavin and host of the ClutchTimeout podcast series, Alan Major, provide insights and glimpses about what leading a winning program on and off the court looks like.

Alan and Steve talk about their days coaching basketball together at Purdue, loving the game, the state of college basketball, and leadership on and off the court. What an absolute privilege to feature Steve Lavin on this podcast. We are grateful for his time, wisdom, and leadership stories.

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The ClutchTimeout Podcast Series by SportsEpreneur and hosted by Coach Alan Major is a podcast mini-series where Coach Major talks to elite basketball leaders about stories from the hardwood, leadership lessons, and life.

At SportsEpreneur, we had the pleasure of building a relationship with Coach Alan Major through the SportsEpreneur platform. It started on social media (Twitter). It led to many messages, conversations, two podcast recordings, more communication across many networks, and now this. We look forward to collaborating with him and sharing this content on our platform. We hope you enjoy the ClutchTimeout Podcast Series by SportsEpreneur with Coach Alan Major.


ClutchTimeOut Podcast Series with Steve Lavin and Alan Major | Headlines

How Steve Lavin Encouraged Alan to “Take a Leap”

The Importance of Loving the Game

The Current State of College Basketball

Steve’s Time at UCLA and St. Johns University

The John Wooden Effect

The Influence Steve’s Parents Have Had on His Success

The Pyramid of Success

Leading During These Unprecidented Times

Traits of Leaders

The Power of Authenticity


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