College Basketball Needs to Change with Fran Fraschilla
College Basketball Needs to Change with Fran Fraschilla

SportsMatterz | College Basketball Needs to Change with Fran Fraschilla

“College basketball is on an island.” – Coach Alan Major in conversation with Fran Fraschilla

Who better to talk to about the practical and essential changes college basketball needs to make in order to evolve and keep up with basketball globally. In today’s game, college basketball is just one of the options that exist before entering the NBA. It wasn’t that long ago that this sport was the only option. International basketball, The G League, and Overtime Elite are the other options that exist for graduating high school players. And the thing is, each one of those alternatives is growing, fast.

The international game is clearly having an impact as some of the best NBA players did not play college basketball including Nikola Jokić and Luka Dončić. Now, none of these other options have March Madness, but that NCAA Basketball Tournament is only three weekends in March and early April. While it is an opportunity for players to make a name for themselves (see Ja Morant) and for collegiate sports programs to rake in cash, college basketball needs to change.

As we look for solutions, we talk with former college basketball coach at St. Johns and Manhattan and the leader of covering international basketball, Fran Fraschilla. Fran Fraschilla talks about coaching in college basketball, the 24-second shot clock, and more.

More about Fran Fraschilla, an international hoops junkie | ESPN press room | Twitter

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