College Football Scheduling Feelings Urban Meyer vs Rich Eisen

College Football Scheduling Feelings | Meyer vs Eisen, Where There Are No Winners

Rich Eisen recently churned out a senseless response to Urban Meyer’s comments on college football scheduling.

Urban says:

Eisen rebutted:

Now, Eisen could have smartly tackled Urban Meyer’s statement with just two counterpoints, had his judgment not been clouded by bias.

Urban criticized UGA & UM for their less-than-challenging schedules in 2023.

#1 – Urban is not wrong. Having conversed with numerous levelheaded UGA & UM fans, they agree. They also mention the lack of exciting games to look forward to while acknowledging the almost certain playoff prospects thanks to their weak schedule. It’s alright to admit when your team’s schedule is light (see OSU 2015 & more on that later). Eisen missed this chance.

#2 – Urban’s misstep, but not for the reasons you think. He claimed OSU scheduled a game against Notre Dame for the kids and because it’s the right thing to do. Sure, those factors count. Recruiting, facing top-notch teams, all crucial. But the primary driver behind scheduling this game?

MONEY!!! (the point Eisen should have leveraged)

It’s all about the green. If facing North Dakota State fetched the same revenue, OSU would have taken it. Eisen, entrenched in a network and league where money talks, knows this well. And yet, his childish tweet omits this crucial detail, making him seem the same as a CNN or FOX correspondent.

Chimdi Chekwa effectively calls out Eisen with this tweet:

Eisen, unsurprisingly, doesn’t respond. And how could he? It was an L he wasn’t prepared for.

This post isn’t about championing Urban Meyer. He, too, contributes to the issue with his provocative remarks, half-baked media narratives, and self-righteous comments which paint a rough picture for OSU fans.

But hey, that’s what makes college football exhilarating—it’s a community without reason. It so often lacks critical thinking from both media and fans. And it’s a place where no one is wrong. Now…

Rewind to 2015, Ohio State’s dreadful loss in a stormy showdown, courtesy of a dismal offense steered by Urban Meyer’s promoted offensive coordinator, Ed Warinner. And here’s point #2 that Eisen could’ve raised—how Meyer squandered a shot at a consecutive national title due to bad coaching And the absence of a worthy out-of-conference opponent in their laughable schedule. Eisen could’ve wrapped it up with 🤣

Instead, he opted to parade OSU’s out-of-conference opponents from select years, conveniently bypassing the truth.

College Football is back, folks.

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